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  1. WillyB71

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    We have three Indian Mounds on our Ouachita County hunting lease. They were built in line along the old creek path through the woods.

    We first debated whether or not these were Indian mounds, but the Geological Survey Maps have them listed on the map as "Indian Mounds."

    The website I reasearched said they were Caddo mounds from the tribe that lived in the Ouachita/Little Missouri valley, trading salt boiled down from high salinity seeps in that area to other tribes. Our lease is only about 10 miles from the confluence of these rivers, so that makes sense.

    All I know about them is it is against the law to disturb them.

    Any one else have any experience with Indian Mounds?
  2. bigmac7825

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    Only thing I know is to leave me alone as well. That is pretty neat info though.

  3. 10pointman

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    We have some mounds on our hunting property,I've heard as well to leave them alone.There is a law protecting them.
  4. bigmac7825

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    I meant to say them no me. I dont want to be put in a
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    Be careful who you discuss the "mounds" with. Because they apparently have fallen off the radar. If for one minute someone thought you have a major cultural or archeological find you'll have a court battle on your hands and they win 99% of the time.

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    Maybe alittle off subject, but I found abunch of burial mounds in Iowa. They were mormons that were heading west. As far as I know they receive no federal protection. Just lowly white folks I guess.
  7. bowhunter958

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    Or could also be Wa****a Indian mounds, and it is highly illegal to disturb the mounds. But if ya look close to the banks or maybe the base of some trees.. I have found numerous arrow heads.
  8. WillyB71

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    Best I can tell from the research, they are Caddo, probably made between 1000 & 1600 ad. They may or may not contain human remains, but are likely to have some pots buried. The Caddo were famous for their pots.

    I agree on the arrow heads. Everytime I am there I am always working on some lease related task, but I'll bet if I looked around after a rain I could find some points.

    As to someone filling suit to protect them, I'm all for it. A lot of these local mounds are gone due to lazy thieves on backhoes.
  9. Tony Harris

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    We have some near our lease and there are some locals (3 guys on disability who are well enough to use shovel, go figure) there every week digging. Signs go up, they tear them down.
  10. WillyB71

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    Post this & then call the County Law.

    Class A Misdemeanor means you loose you CC Permit. ANY Felony means you can't vote or own firearms. Keeps me on the straight & narrow...

    Arkansas Laws
    Burial grounds are dealt with in Citation: Archaeological Resources (Arkansas Stat. Ann. §13-6-201 through §13-6-216 and §13-6-401 through §13-6-409), Date Enacted: 1991. Under this law, the state prohibits the desecration of human remains and associated artifacts in unmarked, unrecorded, abandoned or unregistered graves, burial grounds or cemeteries found on public or private land or water. It also prohibits trade or commercial display of remains or associated burial furniture. Anyone who knowingly or intentionally buys, sells, displays or desecrates burial remains is committing a Class A misdemeanor on the first offense and Class D felony on the second offense.
  11. shiftymcfive01

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    keep those coordinates to yourself, there's a lot of artifact thieves who would be all over you in the dark of night digging or probing for anything they could get their hands on.

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  12. Tony Harris

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    I can take you to Terra Server on our area and show you hundreds of mounds. They stand out like a neon light in cutovers.
  13. josh4666

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    i second that. its best not to tell people about this stuff. i would never post something like this on the net . because i am sure you may have post enough info through all ya post to track your lease down or u then your lease. just a little heads up because whats buried is worth tens of thousands of dollars. if i was a thief i would be tracking you down right now
  14. headhunter_60

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    Well going down 65 to tallulah you will pass the baltimore mounds, 10 years ago they weren't their it was a pile of trash and cotton. Now grass has grown on it and it has a marker
  15. leserz

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    digging up burial mounds is nothing but grave robbing .
  16. headhunter_60

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  17. arcountryboy

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    Got a couple of them a few miles up the road from me at Toltec, state park now. Got a few in a field down from my house, farmers just disc and plant around them. Great field to walk for arrowheads though!
  18. REM870

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    i seen a few in the woods scary at night for some reason,
  19. qwack smacker 1on1

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    when you hear beating drum run
  20. browning_gold_12

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    if you take a pot from a mound, be sure and put a tupperware bowl or something back in it. It appeases the spirits, or so i hear.........:whistle: