In ground gun storage

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    That would be great , if I owned any guns

  2. Same here but you could probably store a few canned goods the same way, or maybe extra clothes (just think of all the closet space you'd save)..:idea:
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    If you think it's time to bury your guns, it's actually time to dig them up....
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    The oil might stain your clothes....Bad idea!
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    Thirty days after a takeover begins, the powers that be will be their Gestapo on line, wait that long and you might as well leave them in the ground for good. Leave your guns where belong, in your hands, using them to defend your freedom.
  8. A man always needs a back up plan, insurance so to speak.. My Granpaw hid guns in the walls of his house in the 30's and I know several folks that have kept guns buried around since the early 90's.. You may not be at home when someone comes to take them, whether it be thugs, government or who knows..
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    Nothing wrong with being prepared. Thieves may steal the ones you don't have hidden. People should be prepared for the things they can.
  10. I also wanted to add, don't forget the ammo and cleaning supplies.. Those Glad or tupperware bowls with the screw on lid make dandy shell holders for smaller calibers and ziplock bags with the air sucked out hold larger shells just fine..
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    read the article they mentioned silica to prevent rust, i save those packets and keep them on my stuff and it works great ,also those packets placed inside game cam will do wonders for wet one. underground i would think use lots and lots of silica and you prolly can stop rust for long time.
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    CTD sells gun storage bags that might aid in protecting guns that are stored in less than ideal conditions.
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    Instead of waiting for them to come for you (in force) if you hear about Gestapo stuff, take it to them first! You know where to find them. Follow them home, a bit at a time, and remember the route. Get several at once, preferably with slow acting poison first, then knife/club, then explosives, then xbow. Leave the suppressed, scoped, takedown autorifle for last, when they are REALLY scared.