"Importing" firewood for camping

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by lightsoutcalls, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Getting ready for our upcoming multiple day camp out for muzzle loader season... I was planning all of the stuff I need to pack and take to the woods. Since I do a lot of wood turning, I have a couple of 5 gallon buckets of little "knobs and buttons" off wood left from the lathe. I also have some thin slabs of various woods from blocks I have resawn down on my bandsaw for future turning. Many of the "slab" pieces in my scrap pile have defects, some holes from bugs, etc. I had planned to take all of this along with some stuff from my firewood pile that has been sitting for a couple of years.

    Yesterday I read on a state run website that you are not supposed to take firewood into the national forest or WMA's, but are to only gather wood to use for camp fires from the grounds of the WMA or forest. This is an effort to prevent "importing" bugs or diseases from trees/wood outside of the land. Makes good sense to me, but had not given it much thought before.

    I plan to take some good "fatwood" (pine with high resin content) to help get fires going. That stuff has enough resin that no sane bug would try to chew into it.
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    Well, I'm sure not going to tell on you.

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    That is the rule and for good reason. You should see all the dead red oaks.
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    Oh believe me, I have seen dead red oaks. It is interesting to come back to one of the properties that I hunt and see how many more have died since the last time. We had to fall some near where we hunt out of concern they could come down on us in a pop up blind.
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    I think it's mainly because of the infestation of an Ash Beetle that has overwhelmed parts of southern AR
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    I am! (Sorry Vern we haven't argued yet so
    Just trying to start one!)
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    Real reason.
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    When I go to the national forest I bring a chainsaw and splitting maul. It's not hard to find firewood. It takes a little work, but you don't have to bring your own.
  9. I doubt if anything you have is a threat to any tree anywhere!

    On a serious note.
    I hate what the Chinese import, Emerald ash borer, is doing. They will destroy every ash tree in america by and by. They're as welcome as Islam! They're as deadly to ash trees as the Dutch elm blight which wiped out millions of American Elms. Cities were helpers by planting hundreds of these beautiful trees to line boulevards making it easy for the disease to wreak wholesale devastation. Out in the sticks many survive and there are beautiful huge specimens in the bottoms below my home.

    The chestnut blight which destroyed one of the finest trees on earth, the American Chestnut, was introduced from Asia when infected nursery stock from Japan was imported here.


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    We usually just have a small fire to warm up dinner after a day's hunt and sit around to discuss life, the world and the problems of society... I have a medium sized camp axe and a compact bow saw in the truck. I'm sure we will do fine with those. We will just make sure to gather manageable sized branches and chunks. Not hauling in wood will also free up more space in the back of the truck. Hopefully we will find the spot we used last year empty when we roll in. It has a nice fire ring established.
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    I like to build a big fire, hot enough to melt aluminum. If you know what I mean. ;)
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    :) We'll save that one for after we shoot the new state record buck...
    May have to cut down all the surrounding trees to keep from burning them down.
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    We are ash restricted due to a hunter from Michigan bringing firewood. Where ever he stopped, the beetle was found.
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    You sure know a lot about timber. It's like you're the king of it or something. ;)