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    Just curious-- How many of you must put in extra hours to do your job, but are not compensated for it? I was working at 7:30 this morning, and I'm still at it at 8:30, I'll be here for a bit yet. Yes, I do occasionally hit this forum while at work, but trust me friends, they still get the better end of it. I've got a fairly good gig, pay is well, decent, but I'm starting to forget what my family looks like. I'm just curious how many of us "salaried workers" are out there busting it without overtime, just to keep the job.
  2. salary has it's advantages but so does hourly.

    If I put in extra time I get paid extra. Now if your making over $20 bucks an hour it adds up pretty quick.
    Plus with my benefits package I get paid time off jsut as well as salary.

    My wife is salary and it's a pretty good salary but it just urks her that I can adjust my check with overtime.

    And yes my job you could say demands overtime. I think I had about 400 hours last year of overtime and double time.

    I think I'll stay hourly .....salary ain't all it's cracked up to be............:wink:

  3. Sometimes i wish i was hourly for the extra money, but we get comp time for anything over 40 hours, so that extra time off is always nice
  4. I've worked salary jobs since '89, alongside hourly folks who likely make more per year. I reckon I put in a bunch more than the "std" 40 per week... always seems to be when "no one's watching" though!!! :rolleyes:

    I can't complain... blessed in too many ways to count.

  5. John Stiles

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    Stick to your day job, bru.....when you retire you'll be working 24/7 with no monetary remuneration! Unless you get an allowance from your wife like I do!
  6. Sylamore

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    How about 24/7/365 and possibly getting killed. Our men and women in uniform deserve a lot more than what they are getting. :thumb:
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  7. I'll agree with that............I recently happened upon some of my old Army paystubs. I can't believe how little I made for that BS.

    Police pay was worse. I feel for them but have one bit of advice........get a skill or trade where you can make much more when you are out in the world.

    there ain't no need for a tank driver out here.
  8. sam

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    Yep, I'm self-employed. Farmed for 30 years, now I still farm some and buy and sell land and houses now too. Never had job that paid hourly wages, never had a guaranteed paycheck or paid benifits of any kind and I get to pay 100% of my SS tax and insurance myself, but I've never had a boss either ( if you don't count the wife or the bankers :smack: ).
  9. snydedawg

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    I seem to put in a bunch of "off the clock" hours but most of it is actually beneficial to me. I go in early before everyone else gets there to get my day "ready" and have a plan on what and where I need to focus my attention that day. I'm paid hourly and I could easily "charge" for the time I put in and not have it questioned.

    But, I also know there are times I'm "on the clock" and not exactly busily plodding along! So, I guess it equals out for me.

    On the other hand when I am on call and get called in..... I'm on the clock until I get done. Sometimes it's an hour and sometimes it's all night and still on through my regular shift. But, I figure on-call and going in because I want or need to is two different things.

    I can certainly relate to "forgetting what my family looks like" too. I will soon be pulling a different schedule and I'll only see my family for an hour a day, and even then it'll be gettin' the kids ready for school! Other than my off-weekends, I won't see my wife that often.
    I dread that too, it causes "Daddy" to miss a lot of the most important things! And that shift doesn't pay any different either, so it's lost family time and no additional $$$$$!!! But, "ya gotta do what ya gotta do"!!!
  10. rjet

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    I am salary and pretty much have it easy in this job. Sometimes the hours get long but not in a while.
    Have had a couple salary jobs where we worked 100+ hours a week for very long periods of time. Those were start-up companies though where you are counting on the stock options paying off one day as an incentive.
    I prefer the freedom of being salary rather than punching a time clock (did that for many years). Pretty much set my own hours and work however long it takes to get the job, wether that be 30 hours or 60.
  11. possum

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    I'm a salary employee and guess I've got a pretty good gig myself. I don't get paid overtime but if I have to work over it translates into comp-time which equals more time in the woods. :thumb:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Sometimes with the OT and extra hours...I am making less than straight time when I hit a certain number of hours...then Uncle sam gets more than his share:mad:
  13. snydedawg

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    AMEN, brother!!! That's what REALLY bites!!!! Hard to swallow more work AND less $$$$!!!
  14. Manybeards

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    I'm on salary and get screwed evertime I have to work over :smack:
  15. Down on the White

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    I work hourly and made my 5th week of vacation this year all paid. :thumb:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Tell me!!!!! It's not uncommon, to have more than 125 hrs in a 2 week pay period around here...sometimes more......and that's with me being gone for a Friday/Sat/Sunday, on my off weekend, and not answering the phone for those 3 days!!!!!! the weekend before Christmas, when we had that wind storm, I put in 40 hrs alone!!!!!!
  17. John Stiles

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    I was making just over $200.00 a week in the late 60s, but after U.Sam got his share it was just over $125.00. Then I joined the militaire' and took a terrible cut in pay......the last 2 years, including Combat pay, just under $400.00 a month!:confused:
  18. flintknapper

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    I suppose what gripes me is the lack of functional equipment causes me to go to plan "B" a lot, that takes more time, and I never get compensated for it. I scream, holler, throw things, no help in sight. I've got the job, it needs done, so I do it.

    On the flip side, my wife has been hourly her entire career, and the only way up is salary. She's resisted that, and I'm proud of her for it. She's gonna be home wether I am or not, and I'm grateful for that.
  19. elwaller

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    I get paid by the day for basicaly 12 hrs a day. Lots of time it is over 12 hrs. a day since I am held responsible for every thing that goes on out here.Live ,eat sleep on job 24 hrs a day, 28-29 days sraight. No overtime is figured in.Work on days suppose to be off get quite a bit extra, right now as I'm doing on my time off, equal to $600 a day.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Yep John...when I got out of Basic and went to Tech School, I got a big raise...from $125/month to $135..............of course, back then it went a lot farther than it does now!!!!!!