Im located in Sheridan, Anyone know of a good local taxidermy

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  1. Wanting to get a buck mount from this year done. 2 yrs ago I took a deer down to A & M Taxidermy down south of Fordyce and was very disapointed with work. The deer starting busting at the seams after a few months. Couldn't contact the guy for weeks and eventually heard back from him and he couldn't tell me when he would be able to fix it or when I would get it back. Going with my better judgement I just left it up on the wall. Figured I would get someone else to fix it. It was my wifes first buck deer (12 point). Didn't want to risk getting into an argument and loosing the mount all together.

    Can anyone recommend someone that does good work and stands behind it.
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    I will stand behind my work and I would be proud to mount your deer for you. I am in Jonesboro, but I hunt in dalark AR. I will be down not this weekend, but the next and would be happy to meet with you.
    You can look at some of my work on here or if you have facebook, you can look up Nottingham Taxidermy on facebook.

    Thanks, Justin

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    Fin, Feather and Fur in Jacksonville. They do outstanding work and are really nice guys. The ONLY place I will take something.
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    Lewis taxidermy out on 270 towards white hall
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    Jeff Hedden, Cody Allen, and Dennis Mitchell all do good work in Sheridan..

    Cody's located right next to Riggan's slaughter house, Jeff's on Hedden Chapel Road, and Dennis is off of Princeton Pike (right off Hwy 35). All should be in the phone book.
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    Jeff Hedden does great work, he is in grapevine. He has done all of my family's mounts over the years.
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    I think he retired to spend more time with grandkids but Lewis Taxidermy does an excellent job
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    Team Ashley taxidermy. They are in Benton off of Edison.
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    Use Nottingham or Jeff Hedden. Jeff might be full for the year. He does all my work. I can show you pics of all my bucks. Nottingham is really really good. He comes down this way now and then.
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    I few of my Hedden bucks.

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    I live in whitehall and maybe able to help you. Shoot me a pm with contact info. Just depends on how bad it is but i have extra capes also.

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  13. Im looking to get my buck mount done from this year. I have to get it out of the freezer soon. My wifes deer can wait for now. I'm going to try to get ahold of some of these local guys.

    Thanks for all the input everyone!