Im done deer hunting....

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  1. for the year. I tagged out on a doe yesterday evening. Had 4 doe come up on me at 5:05 and shot her with my sons Youth .243 @ 45 yrds. Dropped her and she never moved. I was shocked at the whole that dude put in her! Anyway got a 10 and a 8 in October with my bow. It was a great year, and I give praise to god for giving me another great year of hunting and hanging out with you guys. Still hoping for out first big snow!!!!

    The Weatherman.
  2. austincrutchfield

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    Congrats on the doe. I still got a buck tag and a doe tag to use, and i have a pretty decent 6 comeing to one of my stands every day going to try to get him with my bow:thumb:

  3. Rackmaster

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    Sounds like a productive season. Congrats!
  4. jsilver919

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    congrats on the season
  5. SR4

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    Congrats!:thumb: I still have 4 tags left:smack:. I'm gonna have to get busy.
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    Congrats on the great year hunting!! I've still got a buck and a doe tag that I need to fill before the end of Jan.
  7. congrats on a good season! Next year will be here before ya know it.
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    Congrats on the season remember you still have your wife tags. :skeptical: