I'm a Mallard Purist

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by shiftymcfive01, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. shiftymcfive01

    shiftymcfive01 Super Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner<br>2013

    but it's hard to pass up a good mixed swat

    9 man limit
    (video to follow)

  2. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    Uhhhh ya, that would be hard to pass up.... Nice

  3. do what you gotta do...looks like a fun day
  4. jas870

    jas870 Super Member<br>2012-13 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    I had a blast!....pun intended:up:
  5. austincrutchfield

    austincrutchfield Well-Known Member

    looks like we know who some of fro's huntin buddies were
  6. You noticed that too huh? Looks like a heck of a duck shoot! :up:
  7. Uh...maybe that's another good shoot with a similar looking log...? :whistle:
  8. usertw24

    usertw24 Well-Known Member

    hey that looked like the same tree fro hunted around... i would not tell him you found his spot:biggrin:
  9. WackinNstackin

    WackinNstackin Well-Known Member

    Looksvlike y'all had some fun for a few.
  10. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    nothing wrong with that at all in my book. looks like yall had a blast.:up:
  11. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    shifty i think i want to be your friend:biggrin: