If you're gonna be a poacher....

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by ArkGirl, Mar 16, 2017.

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    :razz:Smart folks

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    I had not ever heard of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact before....
    Perfect for chuckleheads like this!
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    how much money did they make on endorsements etc ?

    if they made $500,000 and it cost them $30,000 in fines .... you can see how crime DOES pay. I'm not sure what they made, but I'm pretty certain the risk/reward was in their favor or they'd not done it

    money ruins everything - hunting has been its victim the past few years
  4. ArkGirl

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    They were on their 4th "season" on pursuit channel and had sponsors...but how much they made I have no idea. I had never heard of them or their show. Now that the only states they can hunt in are basically Nebraska and New Jersey...and have a poaching conviction...I kinda doubt they will get another shot at hunting "stardom".

    My guess is they didn't make a ton of money...it was all about fame, ego, and arrogance. It wasn't just this incident with the two bull elk...the fact that the one guy also poached an antelope in a previous season...and who knows what other animals they poached without leaving evidence. They just never thought they would get caught.

    For me the most disgusting aspect is that they wasted the meat from the elk. All they wanted was the footage and the rack.
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    Losers, hang em up
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    Arkansas just joined the group in July of 2014.
    If someone do something serious enough to have your license taken away in another state, I'm ok with them not being able to hunt here.
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    So sad, so pointless. The lure of easy money has a very strong appeal, but then again, wrong is always wrong.
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    Don't judge! Their reputations as good hunters/killers was on the line they had to get some footage.:rolleyes: