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If you carry a 9mm what ammo you toting?

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Just curious, I just got a Ruger LC9 for Christmas and trying some differnet stuff out, so far it's liked what I have thrown at it, haven't shot anything 140+ grain range yet, going to try it next.

But if it all shoots and feeds good, trying to decide what is best, thanks.
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147gr Hornady TAP... Got my LC9 on my hip right now. Awesome gun
147gr Hornady TAP... Got my LC9 on my hip right now. Awesome gun
Yes sir I'm loving mine, how's she handle those 147 gr TAPs? I'm going to pick some up this weekend more than likely.
Im shooting Hornady 115gr Critical Defense FTX in one mag
Wish it came in heavier grain
Speer gold dots 124gr in another
I've just got to ask...

How does one determine if your 9mm firearm is rated for +P, +P+, or that crazy Israeli stuff that I can't even type?

I remember reading in my Ruger P89 Manual that it will choot anything commercially loaded for 9MM. I even saw where they intentionally plugged a barrel and lit off a +P+** or something like that, and nothing happened...

But how does everybody else know? That thin little barrel in my KT makes me wonder.
Normally any well made 9mm will handle limited amounts of Plus P ammo, expect accelerated wear and possible parts breakage if firing quantities. Myself, I carry Speer Plus P 124 grain Gold Dots, not because I think they are any better than other top line ammo but because I bought 25 50 round boxes for $12.50 per box shipped a few years back.
I love the way the 9mm Luger 115 gr FTX Critical Defense exands. It creates a huge exit wound.
Remington 124 gr Golden Sabre JHP

Just because I had not carried it in some time, I loaded up the 9mm and carried it with me this weekend while doing my running around.
I just recently bought some Winchester PDX1 124 grain at Wally World. I have function tested them out of my SR9, but haven't shot any out of my Sig 239 yet. I Really like the looks of that big ole hollow point. For the price I gave for this ammo, I won't be shooting a lot of it just for plinking!!
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