If I didn't hate censorship SO much, I'd sign this one!!!

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Buckrub, Dec 24, 2012.

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    However, I've sadly seen WAY too much of splits in groups cause they didn't like Joe or Mary or View A or View B. Everyone gets to talk here, not just the ones we agree with. If they're wrong, convert them, with a smile. IF that proves impossible, move on to another one. But if you shut up this guy, you may be next.
  2. johnf

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    Where's it at. I'll sign it.

  3. Bryan Manning

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    Me too! That guy is a douch! does he even have a vote?
  4. bgkv77

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    I can't stand that guy. He may think it ok that his country has been ruled by inbred tyrants throughout their history. Don't come to our country and tell us the 2nd amendment to our constitution, that guarantees we won't be ruled by a tyrant, is wrong. He sure likes our money and our 1st amendment enough to be working here. He needs to get with the program or hit the road.
  5. Kick that POS out!! I will sign!!!!!!!
  6. He's an enemy of the constitution of the United States. That makes him an enemy of this nation.
    Deport the vermin.
  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Does he not have First Amendment rights? I don't like what he said but he has his First Amendment right to voice his opinion against guns just like I have my First Amendment right to voice my pro gun stance.

    What parts of the Constitutuon are you willing to trample on for your particular cause?
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    I can't stand the British Liberal sucking Turd..... just change the channel.
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    Thank you, Mr. C.
  10. No, he does not as a matter of fact. He is not a U.S. citizen. He is not entitled to the same rights and privileges as if he were. That's why the yellow sheet asks if you are a citizen or not. Foreign nationals do not automatically get 2A rights so why should we assume they automatically get 1A rights?

    For that matter the 4th amendment is not applied to foreign nationals (or foreign cargo) entering the country. He is not under the United States Constitution, he is a resident alien here as our guest and he should show respect for the founding principals or our nation or go home.
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    Is he a citizen?
  13. neotoxo

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    Nope he is a Queen's Subject...:smack:
  14. He isn't an American....He has the right to get the &$$* out!!!!!!!!!
  15. Buckrub

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    Some of y'all scare me, to be honest.
  16. btech29

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    Im not going to act all noble. To Hell with the jackass. Is that scary nuff for ya?
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    Even if he is a citizen, why would one come here from a foreign country only to complain about what makes america America? Mind boggling. I say if he does not like what we do as american's so much he should take himself back home or let us send him ourselves!
  18. Buckrub

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    I wish he'd shut up and I wish he'd go home to do it.

    But our laws are good and meaningful, and they apply to everyone, or the apply to no one, including you.

    Hate is not good, and seldom converts anyone.