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I'd like to learn how to trap

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I've been interested in trapping and would like to learn the basics. Like the different type knowing how and where to set them. Just really the basics.

Is there anyone in NWA that would be willing to show me the ropes?

I live in West Fork.
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I love to hear about new trappers wanting to learn. :up:
If I didnt live so far away I would help you out. I don't trap much anymore because of my job and time restraints, but I have caught a few critters in my time.

I would highly recomend buying some trapping books. Charles Dobbins, is a good one to learn from. Even our own Jim Spencer has writen some good books, and he is a dandy fine trapper.
Im sure someone on here that lives close will help you out. We need all the trappers we can get!
I'm just learning as well and Youtube and are awesome. Trapperman has some great tutorials with pictures of basic sets. Couple that with youtube videos and you're in business.

Here's a good one I found:

couple that with the info on dirtole sets on trapperman and you should be in business.

I'm learning by the minute and trying not to get overwhelmed by it all.
It is easiest water trapping for things like muskrats coons and beavers. You set where they are leaving or entering the water. you only have to hide your traps from people. Land trapping requires more skill, Because of covering the trap so it won't freeze in and elimination of scent.,,, go to this site, and do a little chating, im sure you will find some one in your area that will help ,,, ill start my dry land trapping after chirstmas deer hunt is over, i know im aways off you or any one that is intrested are welcome go with me,,, the arkansas trappers assn, & southwest arkansas fur takers along with the AGFC host a trappers ed. workshop in oct. ever year,, great place to pick up some info
were having a arkansas trappers association district meeting in springdale on jan 14th if you would like to come talk with some guys around that area... contact me via pm for more info if you interested
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