I want a 4 wheeler

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  1. RustyL

    RustyL Well-Known Member

    I want a new one. I’ve been thinking about one of those Korean ATV’s and then reason so is, heck I’m 60, I doubt if I ever tear it up. Anyone have any experience with them?
    Or is there anything out there decent for 5k that will tote a fat boy?
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  2. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member

    You could probably get the right Honda or Yamaha for that price and they are both good.
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  3. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    I would go Honda all day long. They are hard to beat.
    For the price compared to a 4-wheeler, if I were you, I would probably consider a Honda Pioneer 700 or 500.
    Personally I think the little 500 side by side would be as handy as a pocket on a shirt.
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  4. RustyL

    RustyL Well-Known Member

    I haven’t checked prices on anything, I thought Honda would be closer to 8k
  5. Make sure you can get parts for whatever you buy.
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  6. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    I bought a brand new Honda rancher for under $4k almost 2 years ago. Honda of Russellville had a special going on. Two wheel drive,
    electric shift.

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  7. IMG_0875.jpg

    Rusted, do yourself and your grandkids, kids a favor a just get one of these. It will haul upwards of 400 lbs of what ever you can strap to it- or just Reb, and the ride is like a Cadillac. Dependability is second none and resale is far away better than any of the others. Next question.
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  8. R6mm

    R6mm Well-Known Member

    N. Texas
    Friend on my lease bought one of those brand new off brand 4-wheelers, don't remember which one. It cost less, & he has now figured out why. All kinds of electrical & other problems. He never got it running, all deer season. Said he's going to buy a Honda, Kawasaki, or Yamaha, before next season. Says he wants one to ride on, not work on.
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  9. mk1848

    mk1848 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Spend the money for a Honda.
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  10. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    Ain’t no step for a stepper!
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  11. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    I bought mine in July if that helps. They were slashing prices to make room for the next year's model. If you can wait and shop around, they will be back down to that price again I bet.
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  12. sam

    sam Grand Member<br>2007 Photo Contest Winner<br>

    I bought a Honda Pioneer 500 SxS back in 2014, I'll never straddle another 4 wheeler. At 63 years old, I've spent way too much time and money get'n this old to die or get crippled, more than I am, on a 4 wheeler. You can also ride with a buddy with get'n intimate and can carry on a conversation while riding. I can load up my 2 grandsons and not worry about losing one of them too. The 500 isn't that much higher than a 4 wheeler.
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  13. RustyL

    RustyL Well-Known Member

    Reb getting too expensive to hunt with, and I wonder if he would at least pay the taxes for me
  14. Saltydog

    Saltydog Well-Known Member

    Ash Flat
    Have Reb buy you one of these....
    You can take him, and his hounds, wherever you go.... :D
  15. 214Duckhunter

    214Duckhunter Well-Known Member

    Sam, I've been considering getting a Pioneer 500. Would it fit on a 5x8 trailer? Hate to have to buy a new trailer as well.
  16. sam

    sam Grand Member<br>2007 Photo Contest Winner<br>

    Yes, it'll fit on a 5X8. I've hauled in in the bed of a pick-up. Tough little machines, I've got about 2500 miles on mine and have never touched it except for regular service.
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  17. RustyL

    RustyL Well-Known Member

    I could duct tape that hitch to his butt and dangle a carrot out in front of him
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  18. DonniePowell

    DonniePowell Well-Known Member

    Get yourself a Honda.
  19. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    A Honda is sure hard to beat.
  20. RustyL

    RustyL Well-Known Member

    Y’all going to make me hock my gold teefes