I think I will lose him

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by widow maker, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. widow maker

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    Hey everyone, I need some advice; I shot a good buck around 5:00pm yesterday, broadside at 23 yards, in my haste I think I hit him either high or a little far back. My arrow was laying on top of the leaves right on the other side of where I shot him, no blood that I could find, but my fletchings had blood on them and my arrow was covered in red meaty type material and wet all the way down, it didn't smell like a gut shot, so I am asking what you guys think about where he is hit. I only found 1 drop of blood about 20 yards from where I hit him, he tucked his tail and ran down the ridge with 8 does, he wasn't running hard but he wasn't wobblelegged either. I looked on top of the ridge where I hit him for about 30 minutes and backed out, going back this afternoon to look, so what do you think, just a wounded deer or a dead deer. By the way, this is the first deer I have never recovered so I am kinda at a loss and don't feel real good right now.
  2. JohnnieWalker

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    Well, you did the right thing by backing out. You may have liver punched him. Sometimes they don't bleed a lot from that shot but it's a killer. Be real thorough in your search this morning. Keep going back to the last blood and take a different trail. Hopefully he's laying 50 yards from where you left last night. Good luck. I'm pulling for ya. :thumb: After you get him, go home and get some sleep. I don't imagine you got much last night. :biggrin:

  3. JohnnieWalker

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    Also take some toilet paper with you to mark any blood you may find. Especially when it's spotty. If you tie it to a tree limb about eye level, sometimes looking back on it will make it easier to determine the deers direction of travel after he got out of your sight. Again, good luck. If this is the first deer you've never recovered the day you shot it, this will be good practice for the future. We all like to think we can put the smackdown on him in the moment of truth but sometimes things don't go according to plan.
  4. jwalker

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    Dead deer !! Liver shot x2 he'll be there somwhere if u run out of blood mark that spot too then follow deer trails to bedding areas or thickets
  5. duckhunter2-2007

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    I kind of disagree with the liver hit. Liver hits usually leave a good amount of blood on the arrow even if there's not a lot on the ground. I would say more likely top of the lung/lungs. If you only got the top of one lung it's going to be tough but not impossible. If you got the top of both lungs you should find him within a couple of hundred yards. Good luck and let us know what you find. :up:
  6. neotoxo

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    Interesting that everyone says liver shot when no mention of which side of the
    deer was broadside to the shooter....:head:

    Could also be a pancreas shot...either way, both are fatal...liver shots usually
    produce allot of blood because of the major arteries through out the organ...
    Pancreas on the other hand will be more likely to seep...

    Good luck finding it...if it wasn't pushed it should have laid down within a couple
    hundred yards...
  7. nansman

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    Since the arrow was covered in a red meaty material and you thought the shot may have went high, it sounds like you shot through the backstraps. If so, he will survive.
  8. rodneyroberts32

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    I was thinking backstraps to.
  9. AR_deerslayer

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    x2 . or maybe even high in shoulder or right above lungs .? no telling really . none of us were there so NOBODY KNOWS for sure . Id say high , just because the meat on the arrow
  10. megabucks

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    take a good blood dog and if he is dead you will find him.I have made that mistake of not using a tracking dog and will not make it again.
  11. tmeredith

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    x2 I hit one earlier in the year just over the spine. He ran and bled pretty good for 75 yds or so and stopped to look where the doe he had been trailing went. When he spotted her on the other side of me he turned and walked back by me to her and then chased her off over the hill grunting all the way. I got down and trailed him to where he'd first stopped and found good blood all the way and a big ole clump of jelly looking blood where he had stood. I trailed him for another couple hundred yrds over the hill where I'd last seen him and only found a few small drops of blood. I'm sure he lived after the hit. So don't beat yourself up too bad, not all deer that are hit and lost die.
  12. pruitt76

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    I shot one high (just below the spine) about a month ago. He showed back up on trail cam this past week, alive and well. If your shot was fatal, I'm sure you will find him since you backed out and gave him plenty of time. If not, he may show back up alive and well. Good luck finding him. Don't beat yourself up too bad over it. It happens to everyone eventually.
  13. widow maker

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    Thanks guys, I wasn't sure about the liver, I was thinking more of a pass through under the spine but above the vitals, but I don't understand my arrow laying on top of the leaves and not stuck in the ground as it usually is on a clean pass through. I was about 17 feet high and he was 22 yards away broadside so at that angle without hitting something solid, it should have been sticking in the ground.
  14. Dixie_Rebel_Z71

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    Have you been back out to look for him yet? Go find that guy.
  15. reddrops

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    ok here is my 2 cents worth. what is your gut feeling? i know from past experience what guides me in my search is my gut feeling based on the shot and the moments right after. this year on the buck i killed i shot at 4:50 pm, saw arrow hanging out, sat still till 6pm, then at 9pm that night in my gut/heart i knew that deer was dead, i went and found him. listen to your gut.
  16. megabucks

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    remember to take it slow. If you got liver he could still be alive.He may even bed down in several different spots, but he won't move far after bedding.I shot a big buck 3 yrs ago in the liver at 6:00 one evening and he was still alive the next day at 2:00 in the afternoon. we finally got him killed but had to have a dog.after he layed down, all the bleeding stopped and their was very little blood from there on, so just take it slow.
  17. I've seen arrows from paunch shot deer not really smell that much. If it were a muscle hit the arrow should have looked different and there should have been more blood on the ground. Hopefully we find out when you recover him!:thumb:

    One word of advice....if you get to your arrow and it looks like that, DON'T look any further. Quietly back out the opposite direction and come back in 6 hours or so. We've had a 75-80% recovery rate with paunch shot deer with this strategy. We've found that if you ever jump that deer the chances of recovering him are very low. Most that we've found were within a 100 yards of where they were shot.

    Good luck, hope you find him.
  18. brushcreek

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    Is this possible?
  19. tkcampb1

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    I don't know.. it's awfully hard to say...considering what others have said, I agree that a liver shot would have produced more blood. I also find it unlikely that it could have passed thru the backstrap w/out hitting or knicking the spine.

    having "meat" on the arrow tells me that it was more likely forward and got shoulder and brisket, but no internal organs. that's my 2 cents, for what it's worth.
  20. cables

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    Sounds like a muscle shot, that deer will more than likely live and you just made him sore for a while. I shot one and she dunk down hard and the arrow went above the spine, complete pass through and then 2 weeks later got got a picture of her with the "X" scare on her sides. Still was very healthy looking.