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I suck

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Called in a big yote Saturday to within 80 yds and never got a shot I was comfortable with. Called him in with a turkey diaphram used as a cottontail distress. Was carrying my -06 cause I didn't have a scope on the .223 and had at least 2 shots I felt I could've made with my 223 but I'm just not comfortable with long shots with the 30-06 due to recoil. Got a scope for Christmas and had it on the .223 and sighted in @ 100yds for this mornings hunt. So today, I called a blonde yote in to 30 yards today using a pup in distress and flatted missed...I officially stink. I stopped on the way out and put up a target at 30yds and shot and it was 6" high at close range. Apparently enough for me to miss. I almost brought my shotgun today. Gonna have to do like ole Les and carry the rifle and shotgun from now on or just remember to aim a bit low when they are close. Gonna keep at it though. Me and Lonnie are going tomorrow. I'll let him do the shooting :/
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I'm going to start a new show about predator hunting called "The Predator Educator"'ll be a show of nothing but misses :smack:
where's the "like" button? I like that idea!
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