I shot a nice buck

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by knighten, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. knighten

    knighten Well-Known Member

    Shot this 7 point with my muzzloader this afternoon. After staying in my stand all day yesterday and today this guy showed up at 2:45.It was worth it setting in the cold.

  2. 4wayhunter

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  3. mwmwbm

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  4. n2deer

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    That is a nice buck my friend.....:up:
  5. btech29

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    Very nice! Congrats.
  6. seymore whitetail

    seymore whitetail Well-Known Member

    Nice buck!!! How wide was he? Congrats on the late season buck!!:up:
  7. bowtime

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  8. Nice buck.........but watch out btech will be trying to come over and sit in your stand now....tell him NO!! :fit:
  9. jabarn

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    Congrats! Nice deer.
  10. knighten

    knighten Well-Known Member

    It had a 20 inch spread.Btech can hunt my stand if i can hunt one of his in Kansas.I seen the trail cam pics.There is one bigger than him that my buddy seen 2 weeks ago.He will huntin it in the morning,i am tagged out.
  11. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Impressive rack and big bodied!! :thumb:
  12. 10pointman

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    Very Nice!!!:thumb:
  13. Oh wait......I see your from Jonesboro......tmeredith might want to see that there are deer are up there.
    Think you could tell him what soap you use........:fit::fit:
  14. ruger08

    ruger08 Well-Known Member

    Congrats, very nice buck!
  15. jasmith1101

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    That's a good one! Congrats!
  16. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    congrats! nice to see staying on the stand payed off for ya

    def a nice AR deer.

    would like to see what dirty would have to say about that bad boy
  17. mallard17

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  18. Tink

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    Congrats nice buck.