I saw him

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    Jerry Dulaney was my 6th grade classmate at (drum roll please) Stonewall Jackson Elementary on Hayes Street in Little Rock. He was slim and not nearly as tall as me and rode a 20 inch bike everywhere he went. As I passed in front of our living room window one midday there he was. A flash on the bike. Out of his Jaws protruded the absolute longest cigar I had ever seen. He was jumped over the handle bars intensely pumping the pedals for where ever he was headed. The whole thing could not have taken more than five seconds to take place but that snapshot my mind took has remained with me these 60 odd years.

    My other fond memory of Jerry was on a bitterly cold winter's day when he shot me in the right ear lobe with his BB gun. I never wanted to demolish anyone so bad in my short life. I'd run until I believed I'd gained some then stop and get off a shot or two. As far as I know he's still running. So long Jerry!
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