I Phone 4 - AT&T - 16GB *

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    My daughter has upgraded to an IP5 and is selling her IP4.

    It has been carried in an Otterbox it's entire life. Has normal handling and the front glass is spotless. The rear glass has one small surface scratch on it as can be seen in the picture. How it got there I have no idea and she doesn't either. The Otterbox makes small wear marks on the aluminum edge so it does have those.

    This phone has been wiped and is ready to set up. Software is 6.0.1, it is for AT&T service. If you have an older iphone or any other AT&T phone, the IP4 takes a mini-SIM card and you will have to go to an AT&T retailer to get one programmed. I have never been charged for replacement SIMs.

    This will include the phone and the original Apple AC charger. I think we still have the box too and if I can find it, it will also be included. The Otterbox will not be included as I am going to use it on my phone.

    Phone is located in Jonesboro but I will be in LR sometime over the next few days and can bring it there.

    Price is $200 firm, not interested in any trades, lowball offers will be deleted without reply. If it doesn't sell here it will go to ebay next week.

    Before someone reminds me that IP4's are 99 cents at AT&T, those are purchased with a 2 year contract. There are people that want a phone without a contract, there are people that are under contract and need a replacement due to a dead or damaged phone, and there are people that are under contract that want a different phone and don't want to have to pay the full unsubsidized price for an iphone. This phone will also work just fine on wifi without being activated. Data and imessage will work just fine without a SIM card. The kids can have it for data, imessage and music and games.

    Ca$h talks. The first person with the ca$h gets it.


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    I Phone 4 - AT&T - 16GB *

    Pm sent.

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    One more time. Goes to ebay this week.
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    Just to help you out with this MR. C. STraighttalk users can get a sim for this phone and use it for unlimited talk, text and web for $45 per month. If I had the money to buy it that is what I would do.
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    hey Mr. C, did this phone ever sell?