I once lived for 6 weeks, on PB, Tang, oatmeal

Discussion in 'Survival Skills and Techniques' started by elias, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. curdog1

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    Yes sir! That’s great advice, these scrubs are ok with getting banned if they can take a legend with them....
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  2. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Some are on borrowed time it appears.

  3. curdog1

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  4. JR1

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    I miss the guy. He was great for a laugh. His posts about being a mall cop on some of the other forums out there were the best though.

    I always secretly hoped he was for real and that I'd run into him one day. Saw a mall cop in Nashville, TN over Christmas break, mustache Segway and all. I said, "Hey, Elias!" out loud before I could stop myself. He and my wife gave me the strangest look.

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  5. curdog1

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    Prolly because you knowed his name.
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  6. Mountain Oyster

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    I’d have to be in really bad shape before I would drink Tang. That stuff was vile tasting to me.
  7. Ghost1

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    Ole Passthrough was the thread winner on this one for sure!

  8. tmeredith

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    I liked it when I was a kid. From what I remem er it was about like sunny d.