I need a good pair of work boots.

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by flydown, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. flydown

    flydown Well-Known Member

    Must be steel toe. The company won't allow composite.
    Prefer pull-on
    I walk on gravel alot
    Must provide good support.
    Wide foot, high instep and big calves.

    Suggestions please.
  2. Redwings are the best I've ever had. Please dont buy any of those goofy lookin square toed hippy boots, Ill be glad when they go out of style.....

  3. huskyman

    huskyman Well-Known Member

    Rocky wellington work boots! You can get them with or without steel toe! Wore a pair every day four the last four years!
  4. webbtoes

    webbtoes Well-Known Member

    Danner Rampant Wellington. Not a 100% if they got steel toe ones but dang they are comfy:up:
  5. Passthrough

    Passthrough Account Suspended

    Justin stampedes...aka...square toed hippy boots. Love mine
  6. Twenty2feet

    Twenty2feet Well-Known Member

    Rockies are the only ones I can get to hold up.
  7. buck n duck

    buck n duck Super Member<br>2012 Turkey Hunting Contest Winner

    I have a pair of Justin Stampedes and really like them. Not the square toed hippy ones tho.
  8. chevyduckhunt

    chevyduckhunt Well-Known Member


    Ariat that's what I recommend they are very comfortable and they hold up better than any pair of boots I've ever had. I usually wear the out side of the soles off and Justin and redwing don't hold up as long for me.
  9. BowHunter21

    BowHunter21 Select Member<br>2015-16 Deer Hunting Contest Winn

    X2 Yessir..

    Georgia boots are pretty good too.. They hold up real good
  10. hillbillycycles

    hillbillycycles Well-Known Member

    The most comfortable and long lasting steel toe boots I have had were Red Wings. I have worn Rocy, Wolverine, Rock Port, and a host of others.

    Right now I am wearing a pair of Magnum lace up boots with the side zip. I can honestly say that, at times, I forget I have them on and will not change out of them when I get home.
  11. THExONE

    THExONE Moderator<br>Deer Hunting<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting

  12. Ryan Crow

    Ryan Crow Well-Known Member

    danner is the only boot i wear! the last better then any boot i have had!no break in time!
  13. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    Justin Lace up ropers and Wolverine lace up ropers have been some great boots for me. I know you said pull on, I like the support of lace ups. My company requires black boots, I'd wear Wolverines if they made them in black.
  14. JohnnieWalker

    JohnnieWalker Well-Known Member


    I'm going into my fourth year on the same pair of Georgia pull-ons. Very tough boot.
  15. 270sm

    270sm Well-Known Member

    Any timberland pro fit series. It will be the most comfortable boot you put on from day one. No break in period. And i work in a rock quarry, and they seem to last. Ive had just about every brand under the sun.
  16. rimara0411

    rimara0411 Well-Known Member

    Muck leather boots are real nice. Hold up well and sole lasts forever. Truly waterproof to the top.
  17. nturchi

    nturchi Well-Known Member

    I've had 3 pair's of rocky wellington's, I'm trying carhart's version right now and they sure are nice. I gotem at top shoes off I30 towards benton.
  18. lc071

    lc071 Well-Known Member

    Justin 4766. Redwing are good, but weigh a lot more than the Justin. If you want an economy lace up with a zipper, Bates is a good choice.
  19. Hillbillydriller

    Hillbillydriller Well-Known Member

    Wore redwings for years then bought a pair of Timberland pro's...never going back. Love'em
  20. grizzly6985

    grizzly6985 Well-Known Member


    Ariat boots have been the most comfortable boot I have ever wore. I wore redwing before and you couldnt tell me any diff. I decieded to try an Ariat and dont see me ever going back. I would rather ware these boots than a pair of Nike Air Max anyday. Also as stated above they have held up better than anything else i have had. my 2 cents