I left too early

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  1. SR4

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    First pic is my bow lowered when I got out of the stand. My feet were freezing that day so I cut out early. Thats why I started the cold feet thread.
    Second pic is 20 minutes later. Just a nanny, but a nanny I would have shot.:smack: And thats the way my whole season has gone.:biggrin: Sometimes ya just gotta grin and bear it. Also figured out today that my motor on my feeder has gone out and apparently hasn't been working for several days. I did have several pics before it went out. Guess I'll buy another motor and get it going again in a few days.
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  2. kendract

    kendract Well-Known Member

    Exactly 20 minutes later too! Maaaan that sucks! Better luck next time!

  3. tkcampb1

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    Prior to getting cold, what time had you originally planned to get down?

    your pictures are an example of a rule I live by...if I plan on staying till 10, I stay till 10 and somtimes and additional 10 minutes after my original planned time of descent...just for good measure! I've ALWAYS been afraid of getting down sooner than planned.

    Thanks for reaffirming a fear of mine! :up:
  4. y hunt

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    Every think she just waited for you to clear out?
  5. pruitt76

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    It was her lucky day. :up:
  6. SR4

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    Not a problem. Glad I could help!:thumb: I didn't have a set time. I just remember it was cold that morning and my feet were freezing. I can say that if it wasn't for that I would have been there later than 10. I gotta get that cold feet problem figured out.
  7. SR4

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    Its possible. Not likely, but possible.
  8. ArkArcher

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    2 words. MUCK BOOTS. haha :thumb:
  9. SR4

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    I have some woody max muck boots. They don't work for me. My feet freeze in them, but I appreciate the advice.
  10. Hog_54

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    It's amazing that they don't get cold, I've done that many times if only I stayed 15 min longer
  11. keeb

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    It warmed up a couple degrees too. You would have been sweatin' by the time she rolled through. :thumb:
  12. Yell County Bowhunter

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  13. WeekendWarrior

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    Same thing happened to me earlier in the season. I climbed all the way down to bottom of the tree in my climber, then I heard a snort and saw a white tail bouncing awayaway:smack:
  14. SR4

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    It ain't no big deal. I thought it was more funny than anything. She won't be far. I'll get her next time.:thumb:
  15. btech29

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    Man that bites! Are you sitting on the ground? In a blind? Looks like your just sitting by a tree.
  16. SR4

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    No. My camera is on the same tree my stand is in. When I let my bow down it triggered the camera. I left and 20 minutes later she showed up. I went today and swapped out the card. Thats when I saw what had happened. Thought it was kinda cool. There were 5 more behind her later in the pics.
  17. btech29

    btech29 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see. :thumb:
  18. Sylamore

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    Are you wearing 100% Wool Socks? If not try it and see if that will help you.

    I wear cotton work socks and then a pair of 100% Wool over them. Also my tree stand boots are 1/2 size larger that my regular size to accommodate the bulk of the wool socks. Works for me, you might try it.
    May give you another 20 minutes on the stand. :thumb:
  19. mossyhorn

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