I Kam Eyewear........video cam?????

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  1. stingerslinger

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    Hunter Specialties has a new video cam called I Kam.It is a pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses with the mini video cam installed in the glasses.Looks like this could be a good option for videoing your hunts or any outdoor recreation.Can anyone offer a review on this product? thanks
  2. Selfbow

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    Great for duck hunts.

    If you are watching a deer hunt, they are awesome.
    If you are doing the shooting and filming, you will be off to the left or right depending on if you are a lefty or righty.

    Great for filming your kids or buddies hunt.

  3. ikappaduck

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    i kam

    had two pairs, wouldn't keep a charge, kinda cheap made, great concept wish they would be made like oakleys. but returned them maybe in future they will be made better
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    They could make them for solo hunting by putting the camera above either the left or right lens depending on whether left or right handed shooter. The upper/outer corner of the eye that you're not looking/aiming with. This would work. They could still make the middle camera model for videoing your kids or hunting buddies hunt.