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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by cables, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. cables

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    I have the fix to the hunting compliants thats seem to plague so many. It will fix it for 3pt rule haters, the "why shoot small bucks" group, the scrub buck haters, the "can't find a kid to shoot this 6 year old spike" group, bait should be illegal group, "earn a buck" people and a few more I figure, so hear it goes:

    To help improve the deer in Arkansas this is what needs to be done-

    1. remove the 3pt, 4pt, & 4x4 slot rules

    2. Make Oct. first a "MG Doe Day" for which a hunter must shoot a doe if they want to shoot a buck. If you dont, you are a doe hunter for the rest of the season.

    3. implyment a 8pt restriction, for which you may NOT shoot any deer with more than 8 pts. This will keep the "BIG GOOD GENTIC" bucks for breeding and allow the weaker, sub-par bucks for target practice.

    4. Bag limit- 2 bucks (one before dec 1st, and one after) 4 does (3 if you did not take on on the Oct 1st doe day)

    5. Bow season wil be known as "primitive" season and All Bows, crossbows, atalls, spears, knifes, sling shot and rocks may be used.

    6. M/L season will be last 10 in Oct. and first 10 in Jan.

    7. M/G season wil be Oct 1st (does only), the last 15 days of Nov. and the last weekend in Jan. (Christmas hunt will stay the same.)

    8. Baiting may only be done duriing "Primative season" and must be removed during any gun season.

    Well this is just the first part, but what do yall think?

  2. squirrelcrazy

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  3. x3

  4. so an 8 inch wide basket rack 12 point will still be allowed to breed?
  5. black brant

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    i'm game, sounds ok to me.:confused:
  6. Razoo97

    Razoo97 Well-Known Member

    heck, and we folks think we have trouble understanding the rule book now :eek:
    the new primitive season, when will it start? :shrug:
  7. SwampCat

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    Remove the 3 pt rule? I would guess you did not do a lot of deer hunting prior to the initiation of the 3 pt rule - back when a 3 pt was considered a "goodern".

    Make a hunter shoot a doe on Oct 1? So if a hunter could not get off work that day, he is doe hunting the rest of the year. Or if you are in an area with not so many deer - you are imposing a regulation that would further reduce the number of does. And if you did not see a doe Oct 1st because there are not that many does in your area, your would be required to shoot does the rest of the year. Sounds counterproductive.

    Gun season the last weekend of January when most deer have dropped their antlers will greatly increase the kill of those ten points you saved, now without any antlers, which would be a total waste.

    I would say most of these recommendations would be counter productive to "improving" AR deer herd!
  8. varmint hunter

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    :head: And what so wrong with the AG&F rules again . You know some people are going to gripe no matter what the rules are , go by the book YOU hunt the way YOU want to hunt and I'll hunt the way I want to hunt. I mean if you want to kill TROPHY RACKS then more power to you and if someone want to kill a doe or a 5 pt. so be it end of the day it's called " HUNTING " ! :up:
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Looks like a train wreck reading those rules. Way too much fail... :smack:

  10. n2deer

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    Just what is wrong with what we have now. You have got to understand that you will never make everyone happy. I am happy with the way everything is right now, I do wish we had some kind of sticky tag or something because all of the tags we get with the license now is just to bulky. JMO
  11. x4
  12. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    Guys, if yall could not tell I was being a little sarcasstic, I get tired of every one fussin about all the rules and that they need to be changed or that they are no good because of this or that, or why do they and why dont they, I should be able to or you should not be able to.

    I like the rules, I don't mind the 3 pt rule. I like being able to shoot does, bb, and a legal buck. I wish people would stop complaining just because somthing don't suit them.

    I do like the idea of changing the buck rules up a little, maybe 1 buck or a over/under rule where you can shoot 1 buck under the 5 pts and then one with 5 pts or over.

    POPSBOY Well-Known Member

    GUESS YOU DON'T REALLY EXPECT A 1 BUCK LIMIT TO HELP.:skeptical: I see lots of folks ignoring a 2 buck limit every year, so why would they follow a 1 buck limit?:rolleyes: We need a tag made that once applied to deer can't be reused. More inforcement would help but ethical hunters need to influnce the rest if possiable. The worst violators of the 2 buck limit are dog runners in my area from what I see. Some of these guys hunt almost everyday of the seasons and kill several bucks every year.
  14. squirrelcrazy

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    you forgot to put somethin in about DOGS!

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Cables....you ain't right!!!!:whistle::banghead:
  16. GWHunter

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    Yep Mr. C got it right.

    Your solution is nothing more than mostly water.
  17. Buck-Ridge

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    My problem with your new rules is that where I live I get lots of buck pictures at the end of december and first of january with no horns left just bloody sockets.
  18. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    Guys it was a joke, ^See above.^