I have an idea for a target and need some help

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    I am primarily a three season hunter. Bowhunting for deer, duck hunting, and squirrel hunting. I am very serious about all three and practice all I can. Shooting the bow in the back yard, shooting clays with the shotgun. and practicing with my .22. This is about practicing with the .22, obviously. I got the idea to make some life size squirrel silhouette targets out of some steel plate that I had. On the last day of squirrel season this year, I took some of the squacks that I shot and laid them on heavy cardboard and traced their outlines in a couple of poses. My wife thought that was probably the most red-necked thing that I have ever done! However, I now have a couple of patterns for life-sized silhouette targets. My problem is, that, while I have the steel and the patterns, I have no way to cut out the steel in the appropriate shapes. Does anyone know of anyone in Jonesboro or the surrounding area that might could help me with this?

    I think they would be a good training tool as I could practice not only shooting, but range estimation through the scope due to the fact that the targets are appropriately sized.
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    Too much possible ricochet with metal - why not 1/4 plywood or paneling - plenty of that around! Prop em up against a tree or hay bale and have at it!

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    I did that and had a guy with a cutting torch cut them out. I had him weld a piece of chain on the backin such a way that they hang in a forward leaning position. when you shoot the bullet is deflected down into the dirt.
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    There is actually almost no danger from ricochet if you shoot them at 50 yards on out. There is actually a sport called metallic silhouette that actually got me to thinking about this.
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    If I were closer I would do it for you. I have a torch but my plasma cutter would be what I would use on a job like this. You can literally sign your name with it in a piece of steel. But I am nowhere near you. If you ever get down this way throw the steel and patterns in and I will knock it out for you at no charge....just like helping where I can. Any welding shop could do it for you as well, don't know what they would charge though.
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    True, we shoot steel all the time with rifle and pistol With 22 rimfire as long as it was at least 15 yards or so out you'll be fine.
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    What I have done is draw a squirrel using PowerPoint, and mark aiming points for different ranges. I used to compete in .22 Metallic Silhouette and the 100 yard ram target is the same size as a squirrel. I first made up ram paper targets, and later squirrel targets.

    I like to zero a .22 at 50 feet, which equates to a 75 yard zero. This means a low hold at 25 and 50 yards and about 4" holdover at 100 yards -- use the end of the thick lower crosshair as the aiming point.

    If you do that, you can run a hundreds of copies with no need to worry about cutting steel.
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    I know that this is an old thread, but I wanted to leave an update. I did find a guy I knew with a plasma cutter that got it done for me. I welded it to some old pieces of scrap that I can put around a tube to suspend the target, and they swing nicely when hit. The realistic size did allow me to practice getting the range by sizing the squirrels in my reticle. It worked great and was a big help. Plus they are fun to shoot at. Here are the pics:

    SANY0002.jpg SANY0003.jpg
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    Pretty sweet! I need some practice.
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    CCI, give me a shout and we will go take a few potshots at them sometime. It is waaaaaay more fun than stringing barbed wire.
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    We did pretty good. It looks good anyway. You need that tank? Jason was supposed to tell you about it.
  13. CoyoteControlInc

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    I'll sure give you a holler, I'm ready to tune my CZ up.
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    I was going to call, but I had family in from AZ this weekend, and my oldest took his girlfriend out to the farm this weekend and proposed. Between that and spending some time sending .30 caliber downrange, I have been too busy loafing to call you. I will give you a shout in the next couple of days.
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    Cool. Congrats to the young man.
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    Nice looking target you have. I just shoot at thumb tacks. I am very maticulous on my shot placement.
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    Those are not squirrels! Those are monkeys.

    (See how they hang by their tails?):wink: