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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by RPatton86, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. RPatton86

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    I was working this week hauling asphalt. Well I found some deer carcases 5 to be exact 2 were bucks. What my problem is why kill a buck if you are not going to keep the horns. The 2 bucks were a 5 point and a 9 point i would say neither were over 2 1/2 but anyway if you dont want the horns why not shoot a doe or just let these bucks walk to get older or for someone else to shoot who knows a youth that has never killed a buck that would be a trophy.
  2. gsb77

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    Maybe they can't kill does in that zone? In zone 11 you can only kill does opening weekend.

  3. SwampCat

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    I agree - I would keep the horns. But there are folks who hunt mainly for the meat. Those might have been the first legal deer that walked by them. Horns may not mean anything to them other than legality. I hunted more than thirty times this year before I saw a deer - a buck. The second deer I saw a week later was a buck. Sometimes, "just shooting doe" is not all that easy.
  4. Passthrough

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    It's those darn meat hunters.....no class at all:fit::fit:

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    I have watched someone throw away a nice 8 away, just because he wanted the deer for meat. He told me if it doesnt have spots its gettin shot. He keeps his family fed.
  6. JohnnyMac

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    Unless they killed them while trespassing on your property, I really don't see where it's any of your concern.

    Was any of the legal meat wasted?
  7. tmeredith

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    Can't eat the horns.:rolleyes: :woohoo: I was the first to say that!!!!:woohoo:
  8. tmeredith

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    Fixed it for ya!!

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  9. gtlegs

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    Much rather find them with the meat cut out and still have the horns vs. horns cut off and still have the meat...
  10. bmccullough1

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    Sounds like they were huntin to eat!
  11. RPatton86

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    In road ditch 1/2 mile outside city limits and there were 3 does with the 2 bucks
  12. Delbert

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    You cant eat the horns. Not everyone has antler envy.
  13. tmeredith

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    I already said that delbert. You can only use that line once per thread!!!
  14. ursus

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    A friend of mine is from northern Montana right by the Canadian line. He has killed some huge whitetails but has very little interest in the antlers. One deer he killed scored over 200" and he sawed the skull cap off and threw it in his shed for the mice to chew on. It's hard for me to understand but I guess that everyone's different.
  15. RC

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  16. pearlsnaps

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    Could have been poached deer, just for meat.

    I know personally i keep any horns, even a little fork horn i found with the skoal once.

    Did you cut the horns off and keep em? Or let them lay and continue to waste away like the first person?
    Personal preference, not something to get worked up over in my opinion.
  17. gutpile

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