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I have a litter of adba reg blue pit pus and a litter that is not reg for sale

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I have a litter of adba reg blue pit pups for sale they are $500 a pup.. Then i have a litter of not reg pit pups and the ones thet is not reg non of them are blue... They are brown and white and their is one that is black and white for more info about them call 510-284-0912 it will be robert he can answer any ?? That you have..


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That is a few pics cant to get them all up loaded
O i forgot the not reg ones is $200 a pup
will take $400 for the A.D.B.A. reg blue pups
Still have some people better get one before they are all gone
Heavy Watchdog / Winegarner / Chaos /Mealers
still have some had a lot of people calling and not showing up you people are going to miss a good deal on a pup they will be great watch dogs or you can make they a hog dog
i put this ad on here to give u boy first chance at one they will be in the paper next week...
Got any pics of the brown and white puppies?
no i dont they are my sister n laws pups
I cant add any more pics but they are ready boys they are 5 weeks old and eating puppy diamond food i can text pics if needed my number is 501-284-0912
boys i will take $300 a pup today just to get them gone
still have some will take $250 a pup and have the papers in hand
someone is going to miss out !!!!!
only have 4 males left !!!!!!!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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