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We guessed him around 18 lbs.

5 or 6 strands of his beard were 9 3/4 inches so even though most of em were 9 1/2 inches I killed him so Im saying that he had a 9 3/4 inch beard.

Oh yeah, both spurs were right at 7/8. Probably a 2 year old right?

I hunted till noon and didnt hear a gobble.

A guy that I was hunting with had set up a blind in another spot and around noon he called me to come sit in it while he went to camp and got some lunch. He had seen several hens that morning but no gobblers.

Id much rather sit against a tree than in a blind but we had seen alot of sign there and I wasnt doing any good where I had been hunting so I went down there.

I sat in that thing for 2 hours in one of the most uncomfortable chairs Id ever been in and hadnt heard or seen a thing. I was ready to go to camp and almost did but told myself I was going to give it another hour.

20 or 30 minutes later I thought I heard a turkey gobble but wasnt sure because of the wind. I yelped 4 or 5 times and he answered right off.

He was behind the blind so I got the chair all turned around and waited a few seconds then yelped again.

He gobbled again and was a whole lot closer but I still couldnt see him because I found out a few seconds later that he wasnt where I was looking. He was coming through some thick brush to my left (very quickly)which meant that I was facing the wrong way again. :smack:

I did some more manuevering and got my gun pointed at him again.

By now he's maybe 25 yards away and still coming.

I intended to shoot him right then but this was a Matrix blind and they have a flap that covers some camera windows and the way I was twisted and pressed against the blind caused one of the flaps to be covering up my back sight. :smack:

By the time I got that problem solved he stepped into a fire trail 15 yards away (I stepped it off later).

Just about the time I got the sights close to where I wanted em, he fanned his tail feathers, dropped his wings, straightened his neck right at me and let out a gobble that just dang near caused me to fall out of my chair.

I wasnt ready for that and dont know how anybody could have been. :hair:

I was already as nervous as a you know what in church and that just about did me in. How in the world he didnt see me jump Ill never know.

Somehow I got the sights back on him and pulled the trigger and he fell straight over backwards.

I tried to get up to go get him but my dang legs felt like spaghetti and would hardly hold me up much less move.

From the time I first heard him gobble till I pulled the trigger couldnt have been more than 3 minutes at the most and was probably shorter than that.

I was lucky is all there is to it but I'll take it.

I didnt mean for the story to be this long but everything in it played a part in the hunt so I thought I should put it in there.

I hope yall enjoyed reading it even though I know it cant compare to the feeling that I had Saturday when all of it took place.

I need to thank my turkey hunting mentor Buck for teaching me most of what little bit I know about turkey hunting and David for getting hungry when he did. :wink:
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