I gotta learn the "Internet Rules"

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  1. Ive been reading the other waterfowl threads. WOW. I've got to learn the rules. I've been asking folks to take me hunting. So far that seems ok. I know I'm not supposed to say where we went. Is the general part of the state ok? Or nothing at all? Should I lie and say I went east when I went west? Last Saturday was my first time and I wanted to thank the guys that took me but was reluctant to post the thread because I hoped I didn't say anything wrong. I see its not ok to ask if anyone is seeing ducks in a certain part of the state. What's some more rules I should know about when posting in a public forum?
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    I gotta learn the "Internet Rules"

    Lol someone will make a list out

  3. Did you get chitlens or chicken on a stick at the gas station. Everything else is taboo.
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    Never hunt a public land hole that wasn't rightfully handed down to you by your grandpappy.
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    NE Ark
    Standard protocol is to tell everyone you went to Bayou Meto and the water was just right and you were covered up with ducks. Also had your limit by 7AM. :thumb:
  6. Crap. We had sausage biscuits.
    Crap. No one in my family has ever duck hunted. We all grew up in these hills.
    OK> OK> Im getting it. Keep em coming
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    1. Never try to discuss a problem with edge boats. You will have edge followers threatening you.
    2. Never talk bad about cut downs, no matter what your opinion is.
    3. Never be nice to anyone regarding public land.
    4. If you post a picture, you can't smile.
    5. Any language has to have ebonics incorporated into it. For example, a beer is a burr. It also helps if you reference a lot of anything as "50-11".
    This is just a start, so much to be added...

  8. Rookie mistake.

    Go to the "metro" , race the $500 a month duck boat into the blue line, kill 9 limits blowing designer cutdown wearing UA hat, stop and get a chicken on a stick.

    That is an internet duck hunt.
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    1. PM me if you find a good amount of ducks.
    2. Sit back and laugh at all of the people that get bent out of shape about things posted on this forum.
  10. I didnt know any better
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    Dont forget to get on here and say that you should ban spinners but set out three everytime you hunt
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    Thanks for starting this thread Doug. I now know for sure I don't want to take up duck hunting.
  13. I had a blast on my first hunt.
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    I think everyone should hunt down there just so they can get chicken on a stick!!! If you call ahead you can get it extra crispy!