I gotta call BS!!!

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by snydedawg, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. snydedawg

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    Read the weekly report..... says Winchester GTR is at 35%...... now last week the gauge at Corning was 5.3 and there was only water in the runs and very little even there. But the report said 25% flooded.

    Now all of a sudden we have 35% and the gauge at Corning is 2.2........ maybe I am missing a substantial input of water from somewhere mystical.... but it sure ain't rained enough to raise the flood level 10% in this amount of time!!!

  2. J. Adams

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    Thank goodness for the duck report, it and the internet are my main outlets for scouting!

  3. BDW

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    Ahhh the duck report....That's what put Ed Gordon on the map. :up:
  4. shotgun wg

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    Those percentages are based on the openion of the biologist working the area or their program tech or whatever u call them. It also says cutoff is 10% and well if ur talking bout the actual creek it has about 10% of the water it should have but that is still a long way from getting out of it's banks. Heard a wo say u can get to any hole there u want in a cadilac.
  5. qwack smacker 1on1

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  6. horn hunter

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    just like all during the 09-10 season when they said DD WMA had good mast crop, and there wasn't any acorns anywhere to be seen
  7. derk8586

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    AGFC is lazy anyways. hell... half the time the report dosnt even change from week to week from what ive seen. they just put a different date on it and post it again. those reports are a joke!
  8. bigmac7825

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    Just like Buckingham is at 100%.
  9. snydedawg

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    Yeah guys I just had to poke a little fun!!!

    After draggin a boat a half mile in 25% pool I just had to vent a little!!!!

    Gonna try the main river in all of its 2.0 ft glory in the morning!!!!
  10. bottmhtr

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    good luck to that I agree with ya. The game and fish is a joke, bunch of idiots running the thing. I haven't been yet and don't know when I will go. I have duck hunted for over 30 years and this is the worsrt I have ever seen it. Could be the first year inh that time that I don't go..:mad:
  11. snowpro

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    No need of wasting your time on Dave Donaldson right now. There was some ducks killed on Mervin about 4 days ago but it was only one day. We have killed 75 the last two days in a dry field north of Peach Orchard.
  12. derk8586

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    yeah Buckingham is definately not at 100%. i think they just pull up n the truck to all these WMAs and take a guess at it from inside the truck. i dont think they ever actually check!