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I went up to my father-in-laws yesterday to hunt that evening. I didn’t leave the house until 10:00 am and got up there at 11:00. He lives outside of Heber Springs and owns some property there. I only go up there about twice a year to hunt because I belong to a club in eastern AR and usually hunt there instead but we haven’t been seeing many deer there so I decided to go up north. I got out on a stand at 2:30. I bought my father-in-law an Ameristep Doghouse for Christmas so he let me hunt it. I bought a Double Bull Blind recently that I have never used so this was my first time to hunt in a ground blind. Nothing moved until about 5:00. Right at about that time, a group of 8 does came walking down the ridge in a single file line. They stopped at about 60 yards out and stood there looking around very cautiously for about 3 minutes and then started walking towards my stand again. The first one finally walked out right in front of me at about 20 yards away and stood there. Looking out the window of that blind, this deer looked pretty big at such a close distance. I wanted to wait until the rest of them got in front of me so I could pick one out but the wind was swirling so I didn’t want to risk getting winded. I waited until the right moment and let the arrow fly. There was a loud pop and then the doe ran about 25 yards back in the direction she came from and stood there for about 10 seconds. I could see blood coming out of her behind her shoulder so I knew she wouldn’t last long. She tried running but started stumbling and fell down into the water in a creek and it was over. She wasn’t as big as I thought she was, probably 90 lbs. but was the perfect size for eating. I killed a 9 pt. with my ML in Oct. and an 8 pt. with my MG in Dec. so this sealed the deal for me on the Triple Trophy. This is the 6th time I have gotten the Triple Trophy so I have had a great hunting season.
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