I got an early chrimas present....

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Houdini, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Houdini

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    I got Diabetes for christmas....YEAH!!!!!!!! :smack:

    Apparently from what the Doc. says my blood sugar has been running between 200 and 400 for the last 3 months....:down:

    Well hello diet and insulin...:thumb: good bye cheesebugers and fries...:censored:
  2. woodsnwater

    woodsnwater Well-Known Member

    Man. No Burgers and fries? That sucks... Take care of yourself.

  3. Hate to hear that.. Do whatever you have to and stay on top of it..:up:
  4. There are a lot of medications for diabetes nowdays.
    So you may not need insulin.
    A lot of factors in play here.
    Give the Dr time to find the right meds and honestly you can live a pretty normal life.
    Just check it and stay on top of it.
    I thought the same thing some 7 years ago when I was told and felt that life was over. Thats not true......they will scare you and with good cause to the things that can go bad. But stay on the plan and get your levels down and you can live a pretty normal life.
    It is not the carefree life anymore and start getting used to needles for the blood work but it isn't as bad as it seems right now.
    Like I said I live with it too ........as a matter of fact I just ate my lunch and took my two mid day Meds.....just a habit that keeps me alive and now you as well.
    You can deal with it.......I promise.
  5. Houdini

    Houdini Elite Member<br>2010 Turkey Contest Winner<br>

    I'm good....I've aready gone on a diet....
    I'm takin' my blood sugar and meds....

    I'm not that worried I'm not over-weight and I do exercise....so I'm ahead of it already....

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    It's not as bad as you think, yes it is scary, but get it under control and it's not that big of a deal.......been dealing with it for about 15-20 yrs myself!!! One think to be careful of is if you get a scrape or cut, it can and willl get infected without proper care from the get go!!
  7. paxcolt

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    Good! DO NOT slack off on those, or on your monitoring/meds. My father-in-law has been sitting in the hospital for the last 5 days because he ignored his. Now he's got a blood clot in his leg and a few little ones in his lungs.
  8. SR4

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    Man that stinks! I'm sorry to hear that.
  9. Oakhill

    Oakhill Well-Known Member

    I have been a diabetic for over 20 years. I started out taking all kinds of pills, but I got on insulin about 3 years ago (got a great IM DR.) and I take 4 shots of insulin a day. I found that insulin is (for me) the best way to control my blood sugar and the shots don't hurt at all. I still take some oral meds also. My blood sugar is back to normal now.

    Take care and follow the Doc's advise.