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I got a new pup yesterday

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He's a good lookin' sucker aint he? :thumb:

He's just over 7 weeks old and I got him from a man in McKenzie, Tn.

His daddy is FC Gilkey's Postoak Caesar who is out of FC Postoak Little Nip Otis and FC Gilkey's Hilltop Freckles (both are national champions).

His momma isnt a FC but she comes from a good line of dogs and has quite a few FC's in her pedigree.

All Im really after is rabbit dogs anyway and this one should have all the makings.

He's sure got a mouth on him. My wife didnt want me to put him the pen when we got home last night so he spent the night in our bed. I took him out this morning and put him a pen by himself and he is one unhappy puppy right now and wants the whole world to know it. :smack:

My biggest problem right now is what to name him.

I made the deal to buy him a few weeks ago and started calling him Rusty.

After we got him home last night my son started calling him Buddy and now I cant decide between em. :smack:
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Buddy is a little cutie!! :biggrin:
Thats a good lookin pup i know why you went all the way to TN to get him now.:biggrin:
Thanks for the advice but I dont think its worms.

The man I got him from had some pups from a different litter come down with coccosidiosis (spelling is probably wrong) and had this one on Albon to try and make sure that he didnt get it too.

Im sure that he'll put more weight on in the next week or two.
he has to be on albon on 10 days i know because i treat all my pups at 5 weeks old to be save so know one has problem i sell two:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Good looking pup FB:thumb:
Thanks, I just hope he turns out to be half as good as I want him to be.

I dont raise that many pups and have never had a problem with Coccidiosis that I know of but I think Ill probably start treating them for it just in case also.
RUSTY!!! GRACIE!!! get in there after them rabbits! I like rusty.:wink:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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