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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by woodsnwater, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. woodsnwater

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    I am no turkey hunter, but sent off for a Wattensaw turkey permit. Well, I have been a couple of times in the past. Both times got onto a gobbler. I never done muck scouting, but went places I seen during bow season. Well, good excuse to leave and camp for a weekend. There is only 15 permits issued. Any of y'all send off permits?
  2. meatgravy

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    Put in for Camp Robinson like I do every year. 15 Permits at Wattensaw is still 3 permits for every turkey there. Hunted there for 20 plus years and have never seen a turkey there. Good luck.

  3. woodsnwater

    woodsnwater Well-Known Member

    Never seen a turkey there? Back when I hunted Wattensaw a lot I always saw turkey. I am gonna finish my bow season on Wattensaw, it's convenient and just a hop and skip away. Can't jump or I'll land in the White River.:fit:... I got see a few on Cache. No camp sites there though, unless you camp at DVB on east of river. $11 a night with electrical hookup ain't bad.
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    Good luck to you.

    I drew a permit for there spring before last. I scouted HARD and never saw so much as a track or feather. I listened 6 mornings before season and never heard a bird. Never heard a bird hunting either. Im sure there are some birds there, but I couldn't find them. :smack:
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    Where were y'all hunting at? Not trying to pry... I do know this about Wattensaw is you must really stay on the move.. Locating is hard ( as I was told ).. I pick a lot of brain on " How to's".... Just have not fully commit. Those gobbler I stumble onto where a area I was bowhunting and 1st of turkey season was beginners luck. I couldn't close the distance and he walked my arse off. I chased him from daybreak til close to noon. I gave up. It happen to he twice, 2 different years. But, when they gobbled that morning, my heart went to pounding and a feeling I never felt.
  6. woodsnwater

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    I guess a 20 gauge is good enough. My sons have one each. 1 is a 20gauge Remington and the other is a Mossberg ( it came with a turkey choke ).. I don't own a shotgun. I guess if get into it I'll get a 12 gauge Mossberg Turkey gun ( or a combo that includes a slug barrel ).