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Hybrid fishing Degay

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You haven't lived till you've hooked one of these on light tackle(6lb line).Three were over 10lbs!
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I have never caught a hybrid, but have heard they are a blast. how you catching them?
Single Tail smoke grub 25 to 35 ft around balls of shad.Point Ceder area.Never saw so many Shad in the lake.
WOW, Sweet Pics!!! I bet that was Fun!!:up:
Are they any good to eat?
I don't eat them,but I have friends that do.You have to remove ALL the red meat from the fillet.I have to clean them for my friends,(ugh)!
I've caught several of these big guys! Check out the 3lb crappie!

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Caught a few on the Alabama-rig the other day.Talk about jerking the rod out of your hand.
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