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    Sitting in Brandon, MS.....sleet and light freezing rain....30*.....waiting for orders ..........
  2. Sleet mixed w/snow here. Started about 20 minutes ago. Just don't need any ice accumulation on trees and power lines. Good luck, Bill!

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    Be careful out there Bill.
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    Finishing up the last of my "potential power outage" preps.

    Got the firewood stacked in the dry, camp stove on standby, full tank of gas, inverter on standby, full tank of propane. Still gotta finish the laundry and wash up this mornings dishes.

    Only thing I don't like is the Mr is just now pulling out of the driveway heading for Dallas. He is going to have crappy weather the whole way. He should be coming home with a generator though on Wednesday.

    Everyone that is out, or will have to go out, drive safe!!
  7. To the Utility folks, Emergency service folks, Highway Dept. folks, ya'll be careful in this coming mess and thank you for doing what you do.. To everyone else, stay at home and out of the dang way..:up:
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    Looking ar the radar right now, it looks like you're too far South. The low pressure center is still back around the Dallas Fort Worth area tho.
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    They told me to come to work packed for few day tomorrow. Mybe I'll dreys down there. Herb is supposed to be coming too, if they send us.
  10. Been snowing hard here in Texarkana for about 2 1/2 hours, we have about 2 or 3" on the ground. I'm about 9 miles East of town, don't know yet if I will be able to get to work tomorrow. They (Cooper Tire) haven't shut down for weather since 2000, when we had the big ice storm.
    The power is still on, but has flickered a couple of times. I have my genset ready, and will probably have to go out and hook up some of my nieghbor's generators if we lose the "juice".

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    Was released at noon today from Entergy.......thought we might be moving to Bama or Georgia, nit were not needed there , so we laid over so we could draw some extra jingle and drive back tomorrow and have better road conditions .....should be back on the board catching up sometime then....more later!!