Hunting Wisconsin?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by miketyson26, Dec 5, 2012.

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    My family is originally from Michigan but I have never hunted there. I still have family in northern Michigan and the deer they kill are huge compared to ours. So I have seen first hand what an upper peninsula buck can look like. But hows the hunting in northern Wisconsin? We have a OEM tech that comes to our plant on a regular basis and he has gotten me thinking about a hunt up there. From what i've read so far they have a pretty neat deal going on. First time hunters get 50% of the license fee??? Literally hundreds less then some states.

    So has anyone tried a Wisconsin gun hunt? Was it worth the trip?

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    I don't know if us Arkansas guys should go up there for a year or so! We did just take there coach!

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    I hunted up there about 15 years ago around ladysmith they had some big deer and they were real red colored they only had a week gun hunt back then .i was helping a buddy of mine cutting xmas trees to bring back to arkansas he was from there and we went out in the pasture at daybrake and deer were all out on the woodsline I shot a 4 point and we got 21 quarts of meat out of him . it was 10 below and a heavy frost looking snow on the ground .
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    I do believe you have to purchase your license one or two days before you plan on hunting. May want to get it online prior to the trip.