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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by bayman1975, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. bayman1975

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    Has anybody been out to Colorado bowhunting this year? Are tags drawn now, or can you still buy them across the counter? I'm considering going out there sometime in the next couple years, and I've not been out there since Sept. '89.

    What about other states out west?
  2. SR4

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    Some units are over the counter and some are draw in units in CO.

  3. ryanh_johnson

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    I went back in August/September for the first Elk bow season to Colorado and bought tags over the counter.
  4. Bowhuntr

    Bowhuntr Well-Known Member

    I am going this fall. Been talking about it too long. Just gonna do it.
  5. bayman1975

    bayman1975 Select Member<br>2014-2015 Deer Hunting Contest W

    We always hunted off East Bull Run at the Rubido (sp) Cannon by Gray's Cow Camp in the Uncompahgre National Forest out of Montrose, Colorado. I don't remember what zone that is.
  6. stealthycat

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    western states have complex rules/regs - and they gouge non-residents for all they can

    i've hunted in Colorado many eyears - 12-14 I guess, since first having hunted there in the early 1990's to living there in the mid-90's and having been back almost every year

    send me a PM if you'd like, I'll give you all the info I can on how to (IMO) make it a GREAT hunt for as cheap as you can do it.