Hunting mature bucks

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Gooch, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Gooch

    Gooch Well-Known Member

    I am blessed to have a place to hunt that holds several mature bucks.

    This year I have been humbled, more than once, by these great creatures. I'll get to the other stories later.

    My muzzleloading started out on the 13th. of October with me getting on a pretty big 10 point at about 9:30 am.

    I usually only still hunt and that was what I was doing that morning. Easing from swamp to thickets and back again. I was shocked when I came up on that 10 pointer. He had all a man could wish for in Arkansas.

    There he was, standing broadside at only 40 yards. I could not get a clean shot because of the brush I was in. I was looking through my scope for an opening, when I saw him move his back leg. I fired and clipped a limb.

    I'm sure that plenty of you have had that same sick feeling that came over me at that moment.

    I decided to hunt him hard. Big mistake!!!

    By the end of the week, on the 21st., I pushed him over to another hunter. He got him with his bow. That's just the life of hunting mature bucks!

    Congradulations to Brad Taylor!

    That's the Petit Jean river in the background. I'll say that he nets about 160.

    At least a good friend of mine got him!

    More later...
  2. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    That my friend is a GREAT BUCK!!!!:thumb:

  3. J. Adams

    J. Adams Well-Known Member

    Great Buck, for an Ole Arkie QB.
  4. CP

    CP Well-Known Member

    Pat, wipe them tears and keep on keeping on....:hurt:

    That is one fine animal and I think your score is pretty close.

    Good job Brad...:thumb:
  5. Gooch

    Gooch Well-Known Member

    If he could just shoot a bow as good as he use to throw a football, he'd be up there in the "High Cotton"!:wink:
  6. John Stiles

    John Stiles Ultimate Member 2007 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    He looks to be in high cotton to me:thumb:
  7. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    Real nice buck hate that you wasn't able to connect with him.
  8. rjet

    rjet Well-Known Member

    That aint the old qb.

    The QB was just a few years older than me, and I aint even close to being as old as that dude in the pic. :smack:
  9. CP

    CP Well-Known Member

    :read: :uhoh: :smack:

    He played in '83 and would be about three or four years older than you...
  10. rjet

    rjet Well-Known Member

    That sucks, I still thought I was a teenager.:smack: Least I still look young and studly unlike that old fart. Being a qb must be rough on a guy in the long run.
  11. Gary R

    Gary R Well-Known Member

    To be honest with you, I would be sick as a dog for missing that one......... Felt that way before but not one that nice.
  12. CP

    CP Well-Known Member

    Don't worry........He IS...:fit: :fit: :fit:
  13. Gooch

    Gooch Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, I have some more good blunders to tell!:rolleyes:
  14. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    I learned a long time ago if you are not hunting you will never be humbled. I have made my blunders also.:smack:
  15. .270Win

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    Looks like ol' Brad scored another touchdown with that dandy buck! Congrats to Brad.....and my condolences to Pat! :thumb:

  16. finley2u

    finley2u Well-Known Member

    That is great buck! Looks like you centered the ball to the right guy.
  17. bett_lou

    bett_lou Moderator<br>Campfire<br>Humor & Games<br>'07 Deer

    WOW! That's a fine buck. Congrats to your friend. I'm sorry you didn't get him.
  18. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    It's got to make you feel good just knowing there are good bucks around to hunt