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  1. hope no one got took in like we did this year we joined a hunting lease
    up near white oak lake . 450. to join then the owner wanted to borrow 400.00 dollars to keep some of his leases .he was going to pay it back at the end of the month.
    well that never happened. when I asked for it back he had to use it for his own personal use. and refuses to pay it back .I bet he uses this lease to lure hunters in to borrow money knowing he is not going to pay them back.

    so sad there are people in this world that is like that.::down:
  2. TMHC

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    That would call for an A Whoopin!!!


    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Sorry ya got took!! Any names?
  4. demented

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    Heck yeah, put a name on this theif to help keep someone else from being robbed.
  5. gutpile

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    i got tookby my neighbor....he asked to borrow money, which i really didnt have to lend, but he said he would pay me back i a couple of days when he got paid. i went to deer camp and asked him to put themoney in the generator plug at my house and my wife would get it. never put it there she checked everyday. i called him up and asked and he said he would be out there that evening to put it in there cause i wouldnt be home. he swears he put it in the box and someone must have stolen it:down: what the freak ever.

    he wont get another dime from me.:censored:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Not got a dog in this fight....except the facts stated may not be the REAL FACTS............... just saying..........
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    Yea I think we need a name with this story. Maybe Soark knows he's down around there