hunting items found in Trusten Holder.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bayoubuckhunter, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. bayoubuckhunter

    bayoubuckhunter Well-Known Member

    Found a couple hunting items and will be glad to return them to the rightful owner. These are not normal hunting items left in the woods such as stands.
  2. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    Mr. C must have left his camo undies in the woods again. That guy, I tell ya.

  3. luckless

    luckless Member Forum Sponsor 2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    Well what are they?
  4. 1/4ing away

    1/4ing away Well-Known Member

    You talking about my corn feeder and spear?
  5. Elite88

    Elite88 Well-Known Member

    In sure the OP didn't name the items so they can be rightfully claimed. The person that lost them will be the only one to properly identify them.
  6. luckless

    luckless Member Forum Sponsor 2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    I'm well aware of that, thank you. But there is more than one way to rightfully claim something like this. Maybe they can describe exact location perhaps? A specific detail about the item that can't be identified by the picture. His wording of the thread is just too intriguing to not want to know what he found. Call me Curious George if you will.

    Seen another thread similar to this but it was about a deer being found. Sometimes it happens so fast that I can't explain A rack in detail until I get my hands on it. But I can tell you exactly where I shot it and which direction it went. That should be able to give the "finder" a pretty good idea as to whether he and I are talking about the same deer.
  7. dwill3211

    dwill3211 Well-Known Member

    I lost a phone in there 2 years ago back when the sliding phone were popular
  8. bayoubuckhunter

    bayoubuckhunter Well-Known Member

    Whom ever the owner is will know what two items they left beside a tree. Not sure why they were left just feet from the road though.
  9. Carr.45

    Carr.45 Well-Known Member

    you sure they weren't discarded instead of lost?

  10. Was one of the items toilet paper????? If so I don't want it back, you can keep it.
  11. emerson

    emerson Well-Known Member

    HA HA ......good one
  12. Was it a pipe and bag of weed?!?!
  13. ranger481

    ranger481 Well-Known Member

    It's probably mine...i had to leave in a hurry the other night...i mean day! Is it a q-beam and .22?
  14. Nice first post. LOL
  15. ranger481

    ranger481 Well-Known Member

    well it's been handed down in my family for generations. It has taken countless animals and i really want it back. He can keep the .22 though.
  16. stealthycat

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    men's thong panties, size extra small and a dvd of Magic Mike ?

    they're mine :idea:
  17. bayoubuckhunter

    bayoubuckhunter Well-Known Member

    I totally forgot about this thread. I did have a guy get in touch with me and describe the items and exact location I found them. For you curious guys that want to know what the items were..... A almost new HSS and a nice camo jacket
  18. gunrunner1983

    gunrunner1983 Well-Known Member

  19. crosscohunter

    crosscohunter Well-Known Member

    It was awfully nice of you to find the rightful owner.:up: It would have been real easy for a lot of people to keep them.