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Hunting Clubs around Hamburg?

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Can any of ya'll tell what the hunting is like around Hamburg? Mainly to the north of there. I know a few guys in two clubs there and thought about looking into joining one with my Dad. That's about as close as I can fine of hunting clubs between us. I am not concerned about how big they get as much as quiantity to see while hunting. I have been in clubs before that just seeing one deer while hunting during the whole season was good. I would like to know that I have a chance to see a couple aleast ever so often. Thanks for the input.
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You will find deer numbers to be pretty good around hHamburg. If you find a good stand location you should not have much trouble seeing deer. This was a strange year around here. My buddy has a small lease in thr Ft. Hill area and they were covered in deer this year. I hunt a small parcel of land almost in town (Hamburg) and seen only a small buck and a couple does. Didnt even get any decent pics. They wouldnt touch the rice bran. If you ate not concerned about trophy bucks and just want to see numbers, then you should be ok.
Thanks for the info man. I am more concerned about the meat than horns. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a big buck. But that's not what it's about to us. Family, friends, and deer meat, that's what hunting is about. I want somewhere I can get back hunting with my dad more, and thar area seems to be a good mid-point. I will be checking in on the clubs I know of around there.
Thanks again.
All it takes is a trip down some of the gravel roads in the area with the headlights on high and u will see high numbers of deer. That area has had high numbers for years. The hardest part for u will probably be finding a camp with people u can get along with.
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