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I got several emails about this lease. so here is some info

Location - Alpine, AR Zone 12 Clark County

Land - 4800 acres mixed pines, cut overs, and some hardwoods.

Members - Not sure around 60 - 70 split in many camps

Cabin - old house with many rooms, kitchen, living room and running water.

Camping - NO, you must stay in cabin

We are part of the GDMA, Greysonia Deer Management, you are limited to 8 point 14 inch wide bucks, witch in the last 4 years we have not had a problem killing plenty of.

Here is the deal guys. There are dog running on this lease. This is looking like it is going to change. we already lost about 30 members and all them were dog runners. So we are looking for stand and still hunters only.

The dues are $415 to hunt and $85 cabin dues a year.

If you are interested and want details let me know ur number and i will call you..

Sorry Ladies your not allowed in the cabin... this has been the rule for 30 + years. The cabin is owned by several old time members from way back and we still respect there rules.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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