Hunting Club near Monticello looking for members

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    Hunting Club in Collins, AR (in between Dermott and Monticello) has several openings for the 2017-2018 hunting season.

    Here is the breakdown on it:

    1) It is located at Collins, AR. Our lease sits right on the Ashley County/Drew County border.
    2) We lease 488 acres from Weyerhaeuser there.
    3) Our lease also backs up to the Casey Jones WMA, and we are only 1 mile from the Cut-Off Creek WMA as well; so in addition to our private lease we have thousands of acres at our fingertips of public hunting ground right there.
    4) We do own one acre of ground where our cabin sits. The cabin has three bedrooms, a full kitchen including two stoves, and two refrigerators, a freezer, a full bathroom (well on-site), satellite tv, a walk-in deer cooler with commercial freezer, and a skinning rack out back.
    5) Types of game available to hunt: deer, hogs, squirrels, rabbits, coons, turkeys, etc. right there on our lease. Cut-Off Creek is only a mile up the road from us where there is a nice boat ramp; although I am not a duck hunter, at one time, we did have a Duck Club right behind us for several years, and all of them hunted on Cut-Off Creek, but I can't vouch for any ducks there personally even though they raved about the ducks there. Therefore, you can essentially hunt anything you might desire right there. We go by all AGFC rules and regulations.
    6) Memberships are $1400 and then dues are $350 each year thereafter, and there are currently 16 members but looking for 4 more (20 TOTAL). We don't try to make any profit off of the Club at all, our goal is to keep our dues to a minimum with just enough of a surplus to replace a refrigerator or hot water heater if one were to go out.

    If interested, please call 870-816-5015 (CELL) or 870-572-3148 (HOME) as I will NOT be checking my messages regularly on this site (too busy!!!). If no answer, please leave message; your call will be returned! Thanks...
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    Memberships still available...

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    I need to talk to the president of the club
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    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you on this hawgdawg! I haven't been on here much lately. The phone numbers listed are the president's. If you would like to pm me your number I might be able to help you as well.