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  1. Hello, i am new here and am looking to join a hunting camp for me and my son who is 7, we live in pearcy , in garland county would like to stay about 50 to 75 miles
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    I'm not sure about any hunting camps close but welcome to the best place on the web.

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    I am not sure if this makes a difference, but you have around a million acres of Ouachita National forest within a stones throw of Pearcy.
  4. thanks , glad to be here
  5. huntng national forrest

    any advice for hunting the national forrest , my son and i are going for muzzelloader ?
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    1 get a good gps (you can get way lost in the national forest if you go where the good deer are)
    2 get a good pair of boots and climb and keep going
    3 A topo map of your area is your best friend learn to read it and use it!!!
    4 Don't have to worry about shooting small bucks because you will not want to drag a basket buck over a mile to the truck
    5 see #2 repeat
    Lot of good deer to be had if you will work for them.
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    I doubt a 7 year old is concerned with a big racked durr.
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    National Forest would be some hard hunting for a 7 year old
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    Get a good map and go explore in late winter. You can find some good places close to home that will be suitable. You and that boy need to be in the woods every chance y'all get cause he ll be grown and working before you know it .
  10. sfore

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    Or girl if that young en happens to be a female.
  11. thanks for the tips , my son and i have been scouting some spots, we will see what happens