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Hunting Beaver Lake WMA

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I am new to WMA hunting, and I haven't come up with much info on where I can hunt at, or where I need to go.

Can someone please point me in the right direction, anything specific I need to know (other them whats in the book)?

Obviously I will stop by the office sometime next week during business hours, but I am getting antsy to do squirrel hunting since I lost my private land spot in gravette.

It seems pretty ridiculous that they fail to provide more information to new hunters, I have been looking all over the web for some indication, but I have come up empty.

Thanks for your help.
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You can squirrel hunt on hobbs or beaver lake WMA. Hobbs closes during the permit deer hunts but those are over for this year. There is a section in the back of the book for each WMA and their specific regulations.
I have read the concern it where to I just pull off to the side of the road and head into the woods as long as its WMA property and located far enough away from campsites, etc.
Map World Ecoregion Atlas Screenshot

And the book is rather vague on details...

Squirrel: May 21, 2011-Feb. 29, 2012. Next season’s
date will be May 15, 2012-Feb. 28, 2013. Dogs
allowed except during firearms deer hunts. Daily
limit - 8, possession limit - 32.
Area Notes: Includes lands within the Corps of Engineers
boundary, including islands and shoreline acreage.
Hunting with dogs is not allowed on islands during deer
season. Use of bird dogs is restricted to quail season;
retrievers to waterfowl season. Only shotguns (.410 and
larger) with slugs (no buckshot allowed) or muzzleloading
rifles shooting a single projectile are allowed.


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Corp has a good map online somewhere that shows all of the boundaries, and it shows where you cannot hunt (parks). You can also pick up a copy of the map at the office on 2nd St in Rogers.
Thank you so much, I called them this morning and the gentleman that answered didn't have a clue, said he would check and return my call but no luck there.

I guess I will have to make a trip to rogers in the AM before work

I did manage to have a good day yesterday at the Mark Twain National forest in MO, only cost $11 for a Daily small game permit....bagged 5 fat reds in a couple hours...I did manage to scratch the crap out of my xterra getting back in there, but it was fun.
If you're in Gateway, Mark Twain may be your best bet.
Found that map for you:
Cant hunt the red areas. Really on your end of the lake, it's gonna be that island out in front of the dam. I've walked it out before, and there should be plenty of squirrels. Got a boat?
Thank you so much, I called them this morning and the gentleman that answered didn't have a clue, said he would check and return my call but no luck there.
Not surprised... The Corp is run by the US Government. I'll let you make your own inferences there.
Thanks for the info, I'm really not surprised there isn't much to hunt up here after seeing the interactive map on I can settle for mark twain since I don't have a boat.
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