hunting at winona

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by san1kris, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. san1kris

    san1kris Well-Known Member

    Anybody else gonna be muzzleloading winona this weekend?
  2. Juice

    Juice Well-Known Member

    We used to walk thickets and make drives during this late MZL season each year in Winona. It's more fun when you can harvest a doe. Over the years we've killed a couple of nice bucks and quite a few does. Wish the doe season was open.

  3. pearlsnaps

    pearlsnaps Well-Known Member

    didn't realize they had that this weekend. Was thinking about going out there with my Bow, maybe i'll change that to my Brother's MZ. What part of Winona you huntin? I usually stay closer to Highway 9 unless i'm campin out.
  4. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    You need to head in to camp and hunt that old cutover I killed that buck in. If you took your treestand and got up 20' you could see a good ways in there. He was fighting another buck before I sweet talked him down to me. Closer walk and easier drag then off hwy 9. If I wasn't getting married this weekend id be right there with you. Gonna be the Christmas hunt for me its looking like. Good luck!
  5. san1kris

    san1kris Well-Known Member

    I just started hunting out there ill be hunting a little north of lake winona not sure of the road name just scouted some last saturday I know its close to a burnt over clearcut. Where do you guys hunt?
  6. san1kris

    san1kris Well-Known Member

    Do y'all know if it's legal to use atv's or not at winona and I've not hunted it much is there many people that hunt out there? Thanks.
  7. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    Its only legal to ride atvs on some roads and designated trails. You can get a map from the ONF service. A ton of people hunt out there but you CAN get away from them. We normally hunt off of FSR# 2