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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by darel, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. darel

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    Looking for information on the hunting at Pond Creek NWR. long drive from NWA Wondering if it is a good spot to bowhunt. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. SwampCat

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    Not an easy place to hunt. There are some good deer there, but again, it is not easy. This time of year the acorns will probably be gone. You probably will find some limited scraping activity. Best advice I can give is stick to the clearcuts. They have been pressured pretty hard in there this year - I think the kill is around 160. There are some left.

  3. ursus

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    When visibility is about 2 feet then you are where the deer are. :up:
  4. beltcutter

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    74 bucks show to have been taken there this year and the last one of those was Dec 2nd during the gun hunt. This time of year it seems movement shuts down all together. It also means less hunting pressure as well so you might catch a buck on his feet. I will say this, I live about a 40 minute drive from the place and I don't waste my time in December, and I've got a buck tag in my pocket right now!
  5. I hunted the gun hunt from daylight till dark for two days and didn't see a single deer. Walked over a mile carrying a stand to get away from any crowds. Didn't see another hunter, but didn't see a deer either!
  6. SwampCat

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    Don't feel bad - that is actually pretty easy to do. Unfortunately, I have done it all too often!
  7. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    Then that makes 3 of us! :up:
  8. Bowcrazy

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  9. BTC

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    5 of us.

    I live 10 miles away and have never hunted Pond Creek. Ive scouted it a few times but always seen lots of hunters everywhere I went.
  10. davglo35

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    Used to be a great place to bowhunt but when word got out the crowds moved in and pretty much ruined it. Ive killed several nice bucks over there but when the 2.5 year olds started getting killed in large numbers the age structure got messed up and not near as many bucks live to 4 or 5. I quit hunting it. I spend a lot of hours on stand without seeing a single deer.
  11. Lungbuster84

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    It seems the last 4 or 5 yeara the hunting has been slowly getting worse! Getting rid of the 4x4 antler restriction was te worst thing that happend to thag place! I love it and will probably hunt it always, unless i find a better lease.
  12. stingerslinger

    stingerslinger Well-Known Member

    Deer have got scarce lately....I will probably spend more time with 22mag for hogs the rest of season.
  13. tyhunter23

    tyhunter23 Well-Known Member

    Have not hunted it in a couple years just because I joined another lease and dont have the time. Used to be a great place to bow hunt but like everyone else it keeps getting worse. I am not much on hunting clear-cutts so I never did and might be the reason I never killed one of the many monsters on that place, I always stuck to the hardwood timber and seen some deer that would have put on the wall in a heart beat. If it was me I would wait until next year hard hunting this time of year down here.
  14. HoytTf

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    It's about like every other piece of public ground in Arkansas that once was better than it is now. Someone kills a good deer, it gets posted on the Internet and put in a magazine and every Internet cowboy flocks to the place and the 2.5's start hitting the ground and the place goes downhill fast. The amount of people hunting public land now compared to 5-8 years ago is astronomical. Too many people killing too many young bucks. Doesn't take long to take its toll. It started happening at pond creek quite a few years ago.
  15. ArcherRN

    ArcherRN Well-Known Member

    Darel I have hunted it for the last 6 years and I agree it is tough especially this time of year. But always a but! Lol! I have taken a deer every year there except for last year. Now all those deer were does except for 3 bucks which 2 of those I took this year. I see deer every year and bucks also but we are bowhunting which seeing isn't shooting, it is thick there. It is hard to pattern deer due to flatness of terrain. There is a small second rut in December and the bucks are more aggressive then , fewer does to breed. I just enjoy my time outdoors, but at the same time I am picky on what I shoot there. I let all small bucks walk, I take my limit in does and save 1 to 2 tags for bucks depending on how the year goes. I can't stress enough on scent control there, to hunt the thickets u better get ur scent under control. So is it worth the drive? Depends on what you want from your hunting experience. I would look at the cutovers if u are going to hunt this time of year, the pics I have there are daytime pics and night pics of the deer moving there. I am just saying you get what you want from your experience. I went all last year with nothing on the ground, I was begining to question my skills so I refocused this year and worked a little harder and tagged out at PC for the first time. Up to you! Me 6 th though I have walked a mile and seen no deer there also, but they are there just not where I was. Less pressure during the week and this time of year. Good luck!
  16. beltcutter

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    Hopefully I won't get hammered too bad for this, but I wish they would go to a one buck limit, and cut the ML season back to 2 or 3 days. I think that in time it would get more bucks into an older age class.

    But if I had my way totally that one buck would have to score 135 or higher. :hide:
  17. ArcherRN

    ArcherRN Well-Known Member

    I agree beltcutter, I have no problem with a one buck limit or increasing the size of the bucks there or on any public land. I already let every thing under 16 inches walk. But that is me. I am all for culling out bucks who are older but with small antlers. But hunters must practise dicipline for it to work. Over all I think the 3 point rule has helped the state. I just wish they would let us hunt the hogs out at all times of the year with larger calibers weapons and with dogs and trap except during the archery season for dogs.
  18. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    Man, you are right about that Archer...there be some pigs on the place!
  19. ArcherRN

    ArcherRN Well-Known Member

    And they compete directly with the deer for food sources, it would help the environment and other species in PC, need to get rid of them or thin them down. But when have the FEDS ever used common sense!
  20. Bowcrazy

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    Funny how these always turn into a topic about inches. It's public land not everyone is after large bucks. But I sure would like a one buck limit myself. I just started about 2 years ago holding off for a little better buck on first buck. I think with some cooler wet summers it will make a comeback maybe not to its prime but better. 74 bucks off of 30000 acres is not a lot. It sure is not a over harvest. That's about one buck for 400 acres. That's not bad. Imo