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  1. I know its a little late in the game to be changing tactics but desperate times call for desperate messures. On some of our family land there is a large swamp that runs for a good ways down the backside. Here lately when I ride thru just checking on things I have noticed a lOT of deer tracks. A lot more than normal might I add. So I think that since no one hunts back there they may be using it as a "safe place" and hidding in there. We have seen HUGE bucks back there but never really wanted to deal with walking in the swamp to get to where you see them transitioning from one side of it to the other. Well now I am planning on giving it a try. Maybe I can change my luck around and get myself a "Swamp Donkey" :biggrin:

    So with that said, I know NOTHING about hunting in a swamp area. Is it the same or do you need to change the way that you do things? Please keep in mind that some of the area I will have to walk thru is around knee deep. I will be using my one of my climbers.

    Any advice that can be given is greatly appreciated. And if nothing changes just put "It stays the same you dumb :censored:" I promise you won't hurt my feelings. Thanks in advance.
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    I am not a pro at it, but I hunted those Georgia Swmaps alot. It took me some time but found out that those swamps have small rig in them. Fine those an a thicket close by should be game. It's exciteing when you hear that water splashing an deer are comeing.

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    most swamps do have little high spots in them that deer like to be one. Finding one of those spots can help alot. Best thing i can say is to just scout the place and find what you think is a good spot and try it out. If it dont work owell you still got time left. Good Luck :up:
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    Good hip boots, an old fashion type compass (no batteries) and always pack a thermacell.

    When the pressure is on, they will go in the water and hang there.
    I turned around and took this pic with my phone on the way in couple of years back....
    one of my favorite haunts....and I have NEVER had someone walk under me.

    Here's a kicker...this same stretch was dry as a bone this year.

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    So what do deer eat in a swamp? Do they bob for acorns or what? Or do they just use a swamp to escape pressure?:head:
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    Swamps are good. Just locate a trail. Like said above when pressure is on they'll hit thickets, swamps and ect... They are places I go wear hip boots is a must. Good luck to ya....
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    Yep they pick acorns out of the water.
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    I got some solid advice for ya brother. Put on some waders and walk it dry. I hunt in the water from time and all my spots are different. You've already gotten some sound adivce above. Now, all that's left to do is scout it out.

    Take the above advice into consideration while you're scouting. Especially the one about the high spots. Many times it's easier to scout in and around water because the sign is very evident in the outlying areas. Plus, you don't have to worry as much about leaving your scent in the area because your boots are in the water.

    Ain't no substitute for scouting. Best of luck to ya. You might stumble onto your new honey hole. :thumb:
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    Like others have said find the high spots that connect different types of terrain(water, thickets, timber). Get a good tree that you can climb, and always make sure you have the wind right for where you think the deer will be coming from. When I do this you can just about count on them coming from the opposite direction!:banghead::fit::fit:

    Good luck!
  10. well today is the wifes birth day so I could not go hunting BUT when she went down for her nap I high tailed it out, haha. I took the bow and did a little scouting. I found a lOT of really promising signs not to mention that I walked up on a HUGE 12 point (well huge at my standards). Also seen 6 other bucks and 17 doe. All of witch were out of range but I did get to sit there and watch where they were crossing and eating. Plus I think I will be taking a lock on stand There is a nice sized acorn tree growing right on the edge of the swamp not 10 yards from where they are crossing. It offers a lot of cover and when I climbed into it this morning it had natural shooting lanes point in three directions that were perfect for the set up. I am pumped. It is a place that I am not going to hunt a lot but I have high hopes that after what I seen today that it will produce some deer. Hopefully I will get a chance at the 12 poiint I seen today. All this took place around 10 this morning. I love the new spot. Thanks for all the advice. Also any more advice is still appreciated.
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    Sounds like you got it going on. Good Luck. :up:
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    OHHH YEA! let the games begin buddy! Good luck! :up:
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    The best advice I can give you is to find a good huntin buddy to share this spot with. psst--- I'm available! :thumb::fit:
  14. Honestly I am NEVER apposed to having a hunting buddy. If the spot pans out or you ever just want to go. In all honesty I am willing to take anyone that wants to come. If we can work out a time and day. We have around 4000 acres of private land to hunt on. The sad part is mostly I just hunt on a small 80 acre part just up the road from me. The swamp is on a 3000 acre place we have about 10 minutes from my house. But hey, like I said I am not against hunting with people. As long as they follow the law and will NOT go on our land without me. I've never even as much as put a game camera on the 3000 acre spot. But I have seen some MONSTERS on that place. My uncle used to hunt it and he had a QDM program going where if it was under 8 points he would not shoot it. Of course there was a score limit. But he was the only one that hunted it. I don't think its even been hunted in around 8 years. I need to get off my butt and go there more. After what I seen today I think I may go there more often.
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    all this talk has me wanting to go for a walk through Grassy Lake
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    Ill be the hunting buddy without a thermacell. You wont have to worry about skeeters in the swamp!
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    Hey, I appreciate the offer but, I was just pokin fun. It takes a pretty good fella to make an offer like that and if I was closer I might take you up on it. Good luck and I hope you get that 12.:thumb:
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    No skeeters in the swamp...............umm yea right
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    not this time of the yr
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    There are skeeters in the swamps I hunt TODAY :whistle: