Hunting 30 Yards off I-40 on Lake Conway

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by FroMan, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. I drove through Conway a little bit ago and saw about 4 spinners and a nice spread right next to the Interstate. I was wondering if you boys killed any birds right there? Thought the semi-trucks and traffic might flare the birds off of ya if the spinners didn't...:fit:

    That's a pretty high-visibility and high-traffic (at least vehicle traffic) spot. Did you get checked by Mr. Green Jeans?

  2. phnxdrvr

    phnxdrvr Active Member

    Six of us shot 8 limits in a couple hours.....we did pretty good. Mr Green Jeans was busy searching for the people hunting the rest area at Grassy Lake....some unknown caller called in

  3. It really cracked me up. But then I thought...dang, that might actually work. What duck would expect hunters to be set up right there? :biggrin:
  4. CrappieMaster220

    CrappieMaster220 Well-Known Member

    Don't you have to be so far from a road?
  5. Pretty sure it's 50 feet. These guys were legal as far as distance from the road...but to see a spread that close to the interstate was entertaining.
  6. mitchhigh

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    I've hunted spots like that a couple of times. Suprisingly we've always done pretty good. The only thing I can complain about is the constant drone of vehicles. Gives ya a headache after awhile.
  7. bloody acorns

    bloody acorns Well-Known Member

    I like to hunt just off the north side of the 430 bridge - park on the shoulder and walk in usually get in a couple ov volleys on woodys and an occaisional gadwall
  8. justin.redwolves

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    It's a lot further than 50 feet off an interstate.
  9. foreman

    foreman Well-Known Member

    I saw the dekes, Nice spread! I'm not to sure how legal but to each his own I guess. Don't worry about those pesky regulations, Think of them more as suggestions.
  10. GBacon

    GBacon Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone knows where my spot is.

    Gonna be just like the ramp at Dagmar last year or BM.

    Just to save everyone a trip, NO, there is no water at Lake Conway......
  11. BDW

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    The roar of the traffic tends to drown out my hideous calling. I've been doing it for years.
  12. Gunslinger501

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    I also saw this today came by at bout 12 and they was turning off there 4 or 5 spinners .. Looked like 4 guys standing around 2 trees I was amazed i knew goobers hunted there but wow!! didn't know u could come that far out of the creek
  13. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    The rule is 100 feet from center line. That would be 33.333333 yards :biggrin:
  14. kevinvandam

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    I know these boys, "the Caney Creek Clan" and i expect nothing lesser of them i am just surprised they did as good as they did..2 full limits..of coots and a grieb
  15. madduck87

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    was it caney creek in the corner, if i was gonna do that i would be between 365 and 40 in the mallard haven hole
  16. Inspectorduck

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    one of our fields is adjacent to I40 and we hunt about 100 yards from it, shoot the mess out of them. The roar of diesels hitting the rumble strips gets annoying.
  17. Natty_18

    Natty_18 Well-Known Member

    ahahahahahaha..... BBDH's be surprised how much green actually comes out of there. Im one of the "goobs" thats hunted out there....always killed big ducks:head:
  18. BDW

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    You kill 'em where you can, glamorous or not, or at least that's my philosophy.

    I'll be on a duckweed infested farm pond that's less than 30 yards from a chicken house in the morning before work....Killed a limit there the other morning before my cup of coffee had time to get cold. A limit is a limit is a limit. :up: