Hunters Rights?

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  1. Who make these decisions? why did they move bow season up to the mid of sept.? so a couple of board menbers could kill a buck in velet? or what is the reason.
    why does deer season go after the rut when the does are pregnet is that not killing next years crop?
    why dont ark game and fish get gun season out of the middle of rut so we can have the monster bucks other states have?
    why dogs can not be used anymore on public land during deers season?
    does one hunter have more rights the another hunter on public land?

    thanks in advance for your comments

  2. brushcreek

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    I don't have a problem with anything you mentioned

  3. ozark outdoorsman

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    To provide more opportunity for hunters to harvest more deer.

    If next years target is a button buck or 5 month old doe, then yes they would be next years crop.

    They are focused on overall herd reduction, not monster bucks. This time is when the most number of deer are most vunerable to harvest by the average hunter.

    I won't go there. Just think about it.:cool:

  4. ???? explain
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    They say that in Arkansas 40% of the deer herd should be killed every year to maintain a healthy herd. We don't kill nearly that many, lots of people won't kill the does, or the smaller bucks. I have been told that the g&f talked about making you kill a doe before you can take a buck just to get more deer killed. In some of the towns they have started bow hunts, in Fairfield Bay you can kill as many deer as you want until the quote is filled, last year it didn't get filled. Some parts of the state just has way to many deer.
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    neither do i

  7. So you want a short season, with trophy management so you can run deer (bucks only) on WMA's with dogs?

    This reminds me of jelly on a hamburger.
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    NE Ark
    Kill her in Spetember or February, either way she isn't giving birth next spring.
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    Hillbilly archer are u saying some hunters have more rights than others to hunt on public land? If so explain please.
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    Nearly every bowhunter believes this, if you dont believe it just start running beagles on public land.
  11. No not a shorter season just break it up like it used to be a 2 weeks in nov and a 2 weeks in dec and up the doe tags= bigger bucks and less does
    I dont deer hunt with dogs but some people do. and i think they should have the right on public land we all pay taxes.
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    I got and idea move to the states your talking about looky there fixed your problem
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    You forgot to mention you can't eat the horns.
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    Oh yea forgot about that. Can't eat the horns. Look at the money your saving by not having them dinks mounted. Tv has ruined deer hunting. Our opinions don't matter it's what these young punks that work for agfc wants. Just follow the rules and enjoy what we still have
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    Sure. How much modern gun opportunity do you have on the average WMA in arkansas? Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining. I would be happy if there was no modern gun or muzzloader permit hunt again on some of the WMAs.

    But I'm just saying its not equal for all different types of hunters. And thats ok. Life ain't fair!