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Hunters Doe.

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I took my 7 year old out for the youth hunt yesterday morning when we got to the stand it was so foggy we couldnt see 20 yrds well by daylight we could see about 50 yrds maybe 60. at 7:00 its still really foggy but i made out 3 deer working around in the woods behind us, so i got Hunter in my lap "the sides of the stand were to tall for him to see over". I ease the marlin 44 mag out the window an tell him to put it right behind the shoulder an start squeezing the trigger. just before he shot the deer took a step an he hit it pretty far back so we stayed in the stand until 10. when we got down we went over where he shot it and instantly found a ton of white hair and quit abit of blood but it was dark really dark blood. so i told hunter we needed to give it several hours to expire he said ok an we hit the 4 wheeler trail back to the truck. we didnt go 50 yrds and a deer jumped up off the trail were walking out on. i thought surely that wasnt his deer, well we got to where the deer was laying an sure enough found blood. so we eased on out an came back at 1, after the deer jumped up it ran into a thicket so we went to the last place we saw it running and there it was dead as a hammer but the deer was toatally limber still, so i am going to say when in doubt back out! it payed off this time thats for sure! he was shooting a marlin 44 magnum with 240 gr. starfire hollow points. im very pleased with the results even though he made a bad shot.
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Congrats! Way to go. I bet daddy is just a little bit proud.
thanks guys ill get pics up tomorrow.
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